The amount free from bequests and gifts is rising sharply.  Fiscus afraid to hide millions of friends

The amount free from inheritance and donations, which increased in 2022, may increase again. Whether we have to pay tribute and taxes and in what amount depends on what is called. tax group. And so today in the first group (which includes the current spouse, son, daughter, grandson), the donation limit is Polish zlotys 10434.00 Polish zlotys In the second group, which includes a brother, nephew, aunt and uncle, they limit it Polish zloty 7878. There is a third group that includes all other people, even our acquaintances and friends. limit here PLN 5308.

Sejm. The tax-free amount and donations can go up

And in the case of people from the third group, the most dramatic change will occur. As noted by Małgorzata Sambourska, tax advisor and partner at Grant Thornton, after the second reading Sejm Before adjusting that amount For the third group, it rises to PLN 18,060.

The rights of the first two groups will also increase – I will receive a limit of PLN 36,120, and the second limit of PLN 27,090. Therefore, the increase is significant everywhere, but the Ministry of Finance opposed increasing the volume of donations in the third group.

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The government plans to apply for a KPO in the “near future”. Morawiecki: Close the unnecessary differences in the West – the real enemy is in the East

500 plus. Broken record instead of a clear answer for the appraisal

The ministry fears imaginary donations

This was explained by Monika Derejko-Kotowska from the Ministry of Finance, citing FACT. – In the case when the tax authorities check the source of income of the taxpayer tax holewho fails to report his income to taxes and is threatened with a 75% penalty rate. Income taxwill refer to imaginary large donations from strangers, – she said during this wash on the act.

It is not difficult to point to a large circle of friends and say that a billion zlotys, half a billion zlotys, whatever amount I got, I got from my friends

I argued.

They were opposed to changes in the law. MPs KO.

Family 2 + 1 in WarsawHe didn’t get a flat because he was too thin. Bank Comments

What, how and when to settle, what to pay attention to, what changes in the tax code have entered into force and what is being prepared? Read more about these topics at the following link:

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