The American billionaire wants to attract Russians to the United States.  He thinks it's better for the economy than raising interest rates

Bill Ackman It indicates that inflation can be mitigated by reducing demand and/or increasing supply. “The Fed can only lower demand by raising rates, which is a very stupid tool,” he said in a tweet on Twitter posted before the weekend. “Wage growth will likely continue until rates rise to restrictive levels,” he said in a tweet on Twitter.

Ackman is a billionaire investor, manager and fund manager of the popular Pershing Square Capital Management. Forbes estimated Ackman’s fortune at $2.8 billion. in 2022

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If we can channel immigration policy toward important political goals, such as accelerating the drain of Russian talent into the United States, why not take advantage of that? – Bill Ackman wrote on Twitter.

More rate hikes in the US

The central bank indicated larger increases in the new forecast showing an increase in the interest rate to 4.40%. By the end of this year, then to 4.60 percent. In 2023, all to combat persistently strong inflation. This is more than what experts have judged.

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