the above.  Top 10 Comedies: It Gets Better, Birdman, Hotel Transylvania, A Man Called Otto

There is no shortage of hit movies on the Max Streaming platform, everyone will find something for themselves. Comedy fans, among others, will have a wide choice – here are the 10 most popular comedies available on Max.

On June 11, the Max streaming platform debuted in Poland. This is a platform of the Warner Bros. group. Discovery, owner of TVN24. On the site, viewers will find, among other things, the best films and series, as well as documentaries and productions for children. Comedy movie fans won’t be disappointed – here’s a list of the 10 most popular movies, chosen based on IMDb user reviews.

1. “Love Time”

“A Time for Love” is a warm British story about a twenty-year-old who discovers that he can travel back in time to situations in his life. Insecure Tim (played by the excellent Domhnall Gleeson) wants to use this skill to win the heart of Mary (Rachel McAdams). As you can guess, not everything will go according to plan.

“Time for love”WBD

2. “It couldn’t be better”

“It Couldn’t Be Better” is a classic with a great cast. Jack Nicholson plays a writer who has achieved great professional success, but whose private life is not going well. He is rude and pushes people away. The only person who can handle his company is waitress Carol, played by Helen Hunt. However, it turns out that this has serious problems of its own. The film won two Oscars – Nicholson and Hunt won statues for best leading roles.

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3. “Birdman”

“Birdman” is another Oscar winner. In 2015, the film won four awards, including Best Picture. A former Hollywood star (Michael Keaton) tries his hand at the theater. However, there are detractors against him who despise his previous career built on superhero films. Plus, he’s taking care of his daughter who just finished rehab – played by the amazing Emma Stone.

“the flying Man”WBD

4. “Hotel Transylvania”

“Hotel Transylvania” is a beloved animated film about Count Dracula, who runs a hotel in Transylvania. In the hotel, monsters such as Frankenstein, the Mummy and the Wolf can rest before the prying eyes of people. But Dracula’s daughter causes chaos in the center’s work, leading to a series of surprising events.

Hotel TransylvaniaWBD

5. “Wild Hunting”

“Wild Hunt” tells the story of a rebellious teenager who grows up in the city and ends up in another foster family. However, he decides to escape into the forest, and a massive search ensues.

6. “Shoot first, explore later”

“Shoot First, Explore Later” is the perfect time for smart crime comedy and a heavy dose of dark humor. Two hired assassins are holed up in the picturesque city of Bruges, Belgium, after a failed mission. There, one of them falls in love and tries to enjoy the magic of the city, while the other struggles with his thoughts because… he was assigned to his partner.

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7. “Hannah and Her Sisters”

“Hannah and Her Sisters” is a classic film and one of the most important productions in Woody Allen’s achievements. On Thanksgiving, three sisters, very different from each other and whose relationships are very complicated, confide in each other about their problems. As is often the case with Allen, the film’s greatest strength is its excellent dialogue.

8. “Fantastic Mr. Fox”

“Fantastic Mr. Fox” is an animated comedy film in which animals play the main role. Farmers who were tired of the fox stealing their crops decided to get rid of it. But he has no intention of expelling him and he and his family declare war on them.

Wonderful Mr. FoxWBD

9. “Madeleine’s Drive”

Driving Madeleine is a poignant French comedy about an elderly woman who leaves her home in the suburbs of Paris to move into a nursing home. He goes to his new place by taxi. But before she reaches her destination, she passes through places that played an important role in her life.

10. “A Man Called Otto”

In the film “A Man Called Otto” the excellent Tom Hanks plays a bitter man who decides to commit suicide after the death of his wife. However, his plans are thwarted by new neighbors who have introduced friendship into his life. It is an excellent comedy that can make you laugh, but also bring tears of emotion.

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