The 47th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.  Handing out the first prizes - Wprost

On Saturday, we will learn about the winner of the Golden Lion at the 47th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. 20 Polish feature films are competing for the award. Aside from Black Gold, Silver, and Golden Claw, individual prizes will also be awarded. The event will be broadcast live on TVP Kultura.

Young’s concert at the 47th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia

Meanwhile, during the youth party at the 47th Polish Film Festival, on Friday, prizes for short filmmakers and illegal prizes were handed out for this year’s edition of the event. As for the 30 films competing for the best short film, directed by Lucjan Bokiniec. The jury made up of: Ewa Puszczyńska, Maria Dębska and Beata Walentynowska decided that the best of the films eligible for the competition is “Victoria” directed by Carolina Borcari.

Other prizes in the short film competition:
Special Award – “Followers. Shot Lagoa” dir. Jacob Radig
Excellence – “Dygot” dir. Joanna Ronnyak
Excellence – “Alcubiades” monastery. Robert Coleman

During the ceremony, the competition for the best screenplay for a short film based on Jerzy Kolarovic’s “Train” was also decided.

The winners are:
1st place, 8000 PLN funded by the Polish Filmmakers Association and Film Production – Karol Ullmann for “Ghosts”
Second place 6000 PLN, funded by the Polish Film Institute – Katarzyna Iskra for the film “Zamir”.
Third place, 4,000 PLN, funded by the Pomeranian Film Foundation – Artur Wirzykowski for the film “The Journey to the Homeland”
Honorable Mention: Agnieszka Nasierowska for “Night Train” and Agnieszka Wanicka for “I Wanted to Be Myself Today”

Awards were also given to filmmakers participating in the main competition. I got two slides for “Apokawix” by Xawery Żuławski (Marta Konaka for casting and Award of Polish Film Festivals and Reviews Abroad) And the “Bread and Salt” Damien Cukor (Journalists Award and Don Kichot – Prize of the Polish Federation of Film Discussion Clubs). Onet-funded prize for Polish Film Festival discovery awarded to Beata Dzianowicz for “Strzępy”.

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