The 3-year-old fell into a ravine and was rescued by a policewoman who lowered her head on a rope

This rescue operation took place near Bielsko-Biała.

The accident happened on Wednesday just before 4 pm in the village of Wieszczęta. Emergency services learned that a 3-year-old had fallen into sewage in the school and kindergarten complex. The policemen who confirmed the news were the first to arrive. The 3-year-old got stuck in a narrow tube a few meters underground. He was submerged in water up to his neck. The boy got scared and cried. He didn’t have enough strength to pull himself on the rope, sinking deeper and deeper. None of the firefighters/rescuers could fit inside, as the hole was only about half a meter in diameter. The boy’s mother, before the services arrived, tried to pull her out herself, but she didn’t succeed. by the Silesian Police.

At that time, assistance was provided by the district servant from Jasienica, who was at the scene of the accident. – Sgt. staff. Agata Haluch-Willmann was lowered into the narrow hatch down with her arm outstretched forward, as it was the only effective way to successfully save the child. It was secured by a belt, which the firefighters put on and also held by the legs. While he was leaving, the District Office hung itself in the hole. However, with the help of the firefighters, who arranged her body so that she could cross a very narrow opening, she entered the sewer well and made contact with the child, grabbing her by the handles. Then, with Frank, she was pulled to the surface – He adds.

Frank was fine. He went to the hospital for tests, but the doctors said he could go home. – The boy’s mother, who was also under the care of the second 5-year-old child, explained how the accident happened. When the children, as usual, ran out of the kindergarten, and after a while the eldest began to shout to the mother that the brother had just fallen into the well. At the scene, police officers from the investigation group conducted a visual examination and witnesses are currently being interviewed. All the circumstances of this event, and in particular the determination of whether the well is properly secured, will be the subject of actions conducted by police officers from the criminal department of the Bielsko headquarters – finish.

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