December 4, 2022


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That was how much Robert Carrey lost in the casino.  Quantity knocks your feet

That was how much Robert Carrey lost in the casino. Quantity knocks your feet

Robert Carray is a very successful triple player. He has multi-distance championships to his credit, and in September he broke the Ironman world record five times.

Karai has lost a fortune

In the podcast “Żurnalista”, the athlete talked about fighting against gambling.

He admitted that he lost a great fortune one night. This failure eventually led to a change in his gambling style.

Robert Carrey has gone down in history

Robert Carray’s accomplishments became famous after breaking the Ironman distance record five times in competition in Mexico. The competition consists of 19 km of swimming, 900 km of cycling and 211 km of running. The pole result was impressive because his time was 67 hours 58 minutes and 1 second Better than the current record of Richard Jung by more than four hours.

This is the partner of Agnieszka Włodarczyk

In the “Driving with Wujaszkiem” program on the Olimp Sport Nutrition YouTube channel The athlete revealed that his acquaintances Agnieszka Włodarczyk I started with a joke message. It was a complete accident. It was about the hair. Pandemic, hairdressers are closed. Agha showed in Instastory how she used to cut her hair. I joked that I had come to make me weaker. From an innocent joke a great love was bornWhich I hope will last forever announced.

In June, the couple got married, and on July 7 their son was born, as reported on social media.

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Since then, they regularly post pictures of their life together.