That is why Granerud "gave" his place in the competition to Destroyer.  Hit a single mistake

Alexander the Destroyer After his poor jump over 114.5 metres, he probably didn’t think he’d make it to Ross’ first singles competition. Certainly not under these circumstances. He was long out of the first round on Saturday, but qualified in the end. After a heavy attempt by the winner of the last World Cup competition – Halvora Aignera Graniruda.

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False start for the Polish players in the World Cup. Are there reasons for concern?

We know the reason for Granrod’s poor jump in the playoffs. ‘I’m tired of looking at’

The Norwegian achieved a victory in Nizhny Tagil, but already in the second jump of the competition last Sunday, he made a mistake that took him extra metres, sometimes costing promotion to qualifying or the second series of competitions. – suffers from the consistency of the silhouette and arrangement of the skis after coming off the threshold – told us after the competition in Russia, the Norwegian coach, Alexander Stoeckl.

Granerud gave the upgrade to Terminator. Six poles in competition in Kuusamo

Uneven exit from the threshold of Halvor Aigner Granrod - left during the second series of the second World Cup competition in Nizhny Tagil, right during the team's competition for the Norwegian championshipUneven exit from the threshold of Halvor Aigner Granrod – left during the second series of the second World Cup competition in Nizhny Tagil, right during the team’s competition for the Norwegian championship Screen Eurosport Player,

It is true that the Austrian added that “otherwise he does not see what grandrod He could do better”, but this is a mistake in the category of those who, if repeated, can become a real nuisance to the jumper. And it was the uneven transition from the threshold that drove the winner of the crystal ball to qualify in Ross. Even the new shoes that were worn Specifically for this shoe it didn’t help. He only jumped 111.5 meters and only ranked 53. And he wanted to go too fast after the rebound, to lie on the skis. According to Thomas Gulick, who runs a Twitter profile primarily about jumping stats, this is just the case. second in history world CupWhen an athlete who won a previous competition does not qualify for the next competition.

This is not a new problem for Granerud. “He had to find balance and rhythm”

Granerud has a double problem. Because he has lost control of the first stage of the flight, he is very unstable in it, but he also has trouble arranging his skis. In the event of a jump in the hands He wore them, and those who hit one on the other threw him out of the rhythm and made him lose his balance in flight. As a result, he had to correct his character with a movement of his hand and was losing precious meters. As a result, he fell and fell too close to consider entering the Saturday competition in Finland.

This, however, is nothing new. The Norwegian has been suffering from this technical problem since last season. This was best seen during the competition at Planica, when he was weaned from jumping regularly after testing positive for the presence of coronavirus, and even crashed himself. skates Right after takeoff, he couldn’t fly far on the mammoth. However, at that time, he was also shocked by the fall of his friend, Daniela Andre Tandigou This may also have affected the fact that for the first time in more than a year he did not qualify for the second series of the World Cup competition.

Marietta Kramer during her trip in Nizhny TagilOnly Małysz outperformed his competitors! The biggest advantage in World Cup history is Kramer’s record [WIDEO]

Granerud faced similar difficulties as well In the national championship During the last training sessions before the start of the new season. He had problems joining the skis right after take off. He had to find the balance and rhythm that would allow him to jump to the next level of jumping. But I’m not worried about him. Among the jumps I’ve seen, there have also been those that will allow him to be very strong this winter – described by former Graniruda coach Marius Hoss in a statement to A long article about Norwegian appeared on on the occasion of the opening of the season.

The Norwegian coach is confident: Halvor will continue to surprise with great leaps

However, Granerud is a jumper who can handle his problems. On Sunday, when the second qualifying and on-hill competition takes place in Rocca, he will once again be among the favorites to win the top spots. his victory with Nizhny Tagil Made him the best Norwegian in the history of the World Cup in terms of victories in the tournament. He has outdone Roar Ljoekelsoey. “It’s great that Halvor broke this record in such a short time.” However, he is well deserved and I am sure he has ambitions for more success, even though he is already the best among his country’s players. Alexander Stoeckl said he will continue to surprise with great leaps.

Our goal for Halvor and the rest of the players is to improve their behavior with each competition and adapt to new facilities as quickly as possible. We must wisely dump energy between trips, training and competitions in order to stay in top shape and focus appropriately on all weekends this winter – concluded the coach.

The equipment did not arrive.  Polish jumpers have an excuse for failing in qualifyingThe equipment did not arrive. Polish jumpers have an excuse for failing in qualifying

Granerud won’t start in Ruce on Saturday, but there will be six more Norwegians. The ninth in the qualifiers were Robert Johansson, 16 Fredrik Fjomstad, Marius Lindvik 22, Daniel Andre Tandy 27, Johann Andre Forfang 30, Anders Vannemel 43. The individual competition will begin at 4:30 PM and a trial series will be scheduled at 3:15 PM. Live coverage on and in the LIVE app.

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