Tesla gets a patent for laser wipers

It looks like Tesla wants to use lasers instead of standard wipers in the future. I applied for a patent for this solution.

The drawing attached to the patent application, which was revealed by Electrek, shows that Tesla plans to place laser sensors on the front, rear and side windows of its cars.

It has been known for two years that an American electric maker is likely working on a technology that allows glass to be cleaned using a laser, and a patent has now been disclosed.

Two years ago, I applied for a patent for this technology Tesla described that it would detect contamination on the glass and then send a laser beam toward the soiled area. The patent application also contains information about another use of the laser – for cleaning solar panels and solar roof tiles.

Photo: press material

Illustration from a Tesla patent application

US Patent Office Tesla granted a patent for laser wipers this weekInforms Electrek. The site mentions that when Elon Musk introduced Cybertruck – Futuristic Pickup Truck The car had no wipers. Some people suggest that it is Including Tesla Model Laser scanners can be installed.

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