Terror receipts in the field - this is how much to collect in the 2022 season

In some regions of Poland, the harvest has already begun, in others it will begin in an instant. So let’s see how much you have to pay for the combination.

Everything has become more expensive since last year. Fuel, lubricants, human labor, spare parts and interest on loans cost more – and this has an important impact because a large part of combine harvesters are bought on credit. Taxes are higher too.

So let’s see how all these increases will translate into prices for harvesting services in different regions of the country.

We start from the southeast of Poland, where, as we found out, the costs of servicing forage harvesting range from 550-600 PLN net per hectare. The price includes the cost of fuel.

Prices are also very similar in Podlasie, where providers offer the harvest of grain and rapeseed for PLN 600 net per hectare with fuel.

In turn, near Sieradz, Bizon combine harvester service with forage harvesting is offered for net PLN 390 but per hour, it must be remembered that Bizon will not always harvest one hectare per hour. This price also includes the price of fuel.

On the other hand, in eastern Mazovia, the crop was valued at PLN 500-550 net per hectare with fuel.

In southwestern Poland, prices for harvest services are net of 400-450 PLN per hectare plus spent fuel.

in Voif. In Lubuskie, harvest prices range from 450-500 PLN net per hectare, including fuel. The same rates apply in the governorate. West Pomerania Province.

It should be noted that the rates can vary depending on the type and condition of the harvested grain, because if the entire field was called liji, it would certainly be more expensive. Also, if straw is placed on the patch, the rate may be lower.

Some providers add additional fees if the transporter is unable to pick up the harvested grain and the harvester must wait in the field. Some service providers also offer their transportation assistance for an additional fee, but the prices depend on the distance between the field and the warehouse.

Finally, one comment about harvest prices from a farmer who hires a combine harvester to harvest grain from an area of ​​\u200b\u200bmore than 100 hectares each year.

Every year, everyone declares that it will be expensive, and this year in May I heard about the net rate of PLN 650 per hectare. But I know that when it comes to what the service provider will come to collect for net PLN 400-450 with fuel. After all, the loan must be repaid on something, and if the combination does not work, it will not earn itself. Personally, I think that buying your own combine harvester in my area is absolutely unprofitable. It’s actually cheaper to hire the service. But of course, the situation may be completely different in many regions.

Below you can read how prices for services have evolved in the past year.

And what rates do you expect from you?


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