Ten of the scariest visions of the near future of movies and series that might come true

Although contemporary fantasy performances have long indicated archaic visions of the future and do not define their potential vision, sometimes exciting and disturbing ideas can be found in them. This applies to both films and series, which in recent years have mainly specialized in studying the impact of new media on Western societies.

Charlie Brooker and Alex Garland have been the most effective scares of the past decade. The first reason, of course, is due to the series “Black Mirror” that Netflix acquired after two seasons, which mainly reflected the fear of the impact of new technologies on society, and only sometimes turned into a clear positive vision of the future (“San Junipero”). Similar topics are also of interest to the screenwriter and director from Great Britain, whose films often dealt with the development of artificial intelligence, and who recently became famous again in the context of sending an engineer on vacation, after he stated that the chatbot – in which he worked – had gained self-awareness. Creators of the 20th century also faced similar problems, such as Stanley Kubrick and 2001: A Space Odyssey, and even purely commercial product managers, such as one of the products on this list.

Androids are indistinguishable from humans

The idea that actually preoccupied classic science fiction writer Philip K. Dick was best reflected in the cinematography in a picture directed by Alex Garland. There a young student is invited to the modern estate of his superior, who entrusts him with a task that turns out, of course, to be something different from what was originally assumed. The role of Alicia Vikander, who played an AI in the image of a woman, who turned out to be almost indistinguishable from people, makes the greatest impression in the film.

An operating system that can establish an intimate relationship with a human

A somewhat similar situation occurs in the movie Spike Jonze, where the writer played by Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with the driver with the voice of Scarlett Johansson. The photo from 2013 speaks of the gradual progress when it comes to the complexity of computer programs, which often guess what their owner needs at a given moment (perhaps due to access to information about what and when we surf the web), and of course the gradual disappearance of personal links, mediated by social media increasingly.

Super and deadly artificial intelligence

There have been a lot of films about super-intelligent machines that detached from human power, including the classic “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick, so it’s worth noting a lesser-known and interesting film directed by Donald Camille from 1977, in which she refused A powerful machine, built by scientist Alex, obeying him, and connected to all household appliances, he began to threaten his wife, played by Julie Christie. Looking back, this image can be said to be ahead of time, predicting what may happen in a few years, in smart homes equipped with connected devices.

Digital memory cleaning

The end of the second season episode of Black Mirror was pretty surprising, so I won’t summarize it here. In addition to using a specific and well-known TV format syntax, it also introduces the idea of ​​resetting digital memory for a very latent and cruel purpose. True, the search for the human brain is still in the early stages of development, because it is a very complex organ, it is very easy to imagine a ghostly vision of the future similar to this episode.

Full government oversight

A very similar theme, found in Tony Scott’s fantastic 1998 film, also used the Jason Bourne film series (particularly the Waterloo series in “The Bourne Ultimatum”), but appears to have been co-produced with Will Smith and Jane. To show the horror of almost total surveillance by the entire government. At present, this is already possible, partly practiced by the governments of Western countries (the Pegasus case), the most developed in China, for example, in the famous Xinjiang province.

Insect shaped drones

In recent years, horror authors have rarely mentioned the fear of insects, which is the subject of the Netflix movie “Cloud,” but it fails completely. He was also alluded to in the sixth episode of the third season of Black Mirror, in which there were swarms of tiny insect-like drones. And while you can have many objections to the ring itself, the idea behind it is very interesting, also because it has already begun to be used in the military.

Luxurious orbital stations for the rich

A vision of a human society divided by income appears in Richard Morgan’s trilogy of novels, which have been adapted by Netflix’s “Modified Coal” series. A few years before the series, the premiere of Neil Blomkamp’s movie “Elysium”, where the elite actors live in a special orbital station, while the bulk of humanity lives on an increasingly damaged planet. In an age of heightened awareness of the climate catastrophe, such visions no longer belong to the science fiction genre.

Social media governs every aspect of life

Although it is currently possible to survive without the use of social media, in fact, which is shown in the first episode of the third season of “Black Mirror”, it is already very difficult. Yes, there are also people who consciously abandon it at the cost of being on the total margins, socially and economically. However, others must engage in a game of hypocrisy, as does the main character, here played by Bryce Dallas Howard, who only gets out of it in the end. It did not bring any relief at all…

Implants that monitor all behavior


The heroine of HBO MAX series Made for Love is the wife of a millionaire associated with the tech industry, who once decided to leave him. Then, it turned out that they had pre-prepared for this possibility by implanting a chip in her brain that monitored her every behavior. The series shifts somewhere between comedy drama and science fiction, and although it shows technology that has yet to be invented, who knows what will happen in a few years…

Unreliable automatic cars


The idea of ​​self-driving cars appeared in many films, such as “Absolute Memory”, but so far, despite numerous equipment and tests, this concept has not been implemented in practice. Mainly because it still seems completely unsafe for passengers, and the human imagination constantly suggests horrific ideas. It’s about cars that are networked, that can be hacked, or cars that are managed by artificial intelligence, which – in the event of an accident – will face the dilemmas known from the very popular “rickshaw memes”. There are a lot of ideas here.

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