Teenage scientists want to revolutionize the world.  The university helps them with this

Everything happens as part of the “Scientist – Teen Scientist” program. It is intended for outstanding students who are in higher education. Thanks to this, teenagers can see the real impact of science on the development of widely understood services, from the IT sector and medical services to agriculture. So far, high school and technical school students from public and private schools have participated in the project. They already have, among others: a medical robot, an eco-park vehicle, a fast charging station, or a study of air quality and noise in the city.

– I have just started my adventure with programming, but I think it is a valuable experience – says Olivia Mitora from high school. Jan III Sobieski in Lublin.

In the first edition of the competition, the Lublin University of Technology donated approximately PLN 120,000. PLN to implement 8 projects for 8 schools. In the second edition it was about 480,000. PLN for 32 projects for 15 schools. The research was conducted in schools in Lublin, Puławy, Adamov, Chelm, Krasnik, Nalichov, Chana, Radzin Podlaski and Zamosc.

The competition is an opportunity for schools to raise funds for various purposes. It is not always possible to raise the necessary funds from existing budgets for various interesting projects, and here is a great opportunity for their implementation. As part of the project, we were able to expand our local computer network from 1 Gigabit to 10. This is a huge leap, allowing much greater comfort in working during lessons, says Marcin Grabusz from the school complex. King Casimir Jagiellon in Łęczna. – It is also an opportunity to develop the passion of students and teachers.

Recruitment for the third edition of the “World – Teen World” program continues until June 28. Under this, project teams supported by a scientific supervisor from the Lublin University of Technology will be able to obtain funding for research projects of up to PLN 10,000. Zloty. Sponsored teachers will receive up to PLN 2,500. Zloty.

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