Taylor Swift fans are causing an earthquake

Scottish fans of megastar Taylor Swift shook the ground during the American singer’s concerts at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium last weekend, Britain’s seismic monitoring agency (PGS) said on Thursday.

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Two monitoring stations around the city recorded seismic activity on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, up to six kilometers around the arena where the pop star performed, simultaneously dancing and produced by the power of the stadium sound system.

200,000 fans attended the monumental three-hour show, which opened Taylor Swift’s concert series in the United Kingdom before London, Cardiff or Liverpool.

Even the British Geological Survey made a chart showing that the songs “Ready for It?”, “Terrible Summer” and “Champagne Trouble” generated the most excitement from fans every time.

At the peak of the concert, he estimated, they “dispatched 80 kW of power, the equivalent of about 6,000 car batteries.”

“Scotland’s reputation for having a very curious audience is clearly intact!” said BGS seismologist Callum Harrison.

These “triggered” earthquakes, which have no natural origin, were detected by “sensitive scientific instruments designed to identify the smallest seismic activity (…), but it is unlikely that someone else felt the tremors created by the concert. Those in the immediate vicinity,” the agency emphasized.

According to him, the biggest activity was recorded on Friday evening in Scotland during the first date of the star’s monumental sixth tour.

Last July, Taylor Swift’s concert in Seattle, US, had already generated 2.3 magnitude earthquake activity – a claim that some experts later described as exaggerated.

“The Eras Tour,” which kicked off in the U.S. in March 2023, became the first tour in history to sell more than a billion dollars at the end of last year. It is expected to double by the time it expires in Canada in December.

In terms of benefits, Taylor Swift’s tour, on the other hand, should generate almost a billion pounds for the British economy, Barclays bank pointed out in May, with almost 1.2 million visitors.

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