Taxes, fees and fines in 2023. How and why will they increase?  It won’t hurt

2023 will drain our pockets. And quite a lot. At least in the rules tax Small changes, we will feel the inflationary hiccups for a long time. Many taxes and fees are linked to inflation rates.

The biggest blow to our pockets will be the restoration of 23% in 2023. Value added tax on fuel (currently 8%). This entails, among other things, an increase in all prices, including food. Even though prices for basic groceries are frozen until the middle of next year.

Although the House of Representatives decided on December 1 to extend the reduced value-added tax on fuel until the end of June 2023, the government has already announced that it may be impossible to maintain such a solution, because European Commission It may force Poland to restore the normal tax rate.

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Maintaining low fuel prices It will translate into the risk of initiating an infringement procedure against Poland – said on Thursday, December 8, Deputy Minister of Finance Pyotr Batkovsky.

He added that this issue could be raised during the talks about opening funds from the KPO to Poland. According to the results of the “Rzeczpospolita”, the European Commission demands to return the VAT rate, but does not specify its amount, only the minimum. He estimates it at 5%, not 23%, as planned by the government.

Inflation raises tariffs

Regardless of whether the VAT on fuel goes up or not, food is likely to go up. Food producers will pass the higher costs of production – resulting from higher energy prices and wages – on to the recipients. From next year, it will also go up. Agricultural tax, the rate of which depends of rye prices. And these have been steadily increasing in recent quarters.

on a farm So far they have paid 153.7 PLN in agricultural tax Per hectare, the maximum fee will be increased from 2023 It reaches PLN 185.12 per hectare. The municipalities will ultimately decide what the tax will be.

in 2023 will pay higher taxes Agricultural Producers Special Sections: Animal farms or greenhouses. For example, the owner of a greenhouse, this year paid a tax of PLN 12.87 per square meter. greenhouse, you will pay PLN 13.64 after the new year.

There are also predestination sugar tax. A draft law amendment is currently under consultation. If passed in the form proposed by the government, from July 2023 We will pay for the products contain sugar Special fee of PLN 3 per liter or kilogram Such a product (eg fruit juice concentrate).

Higher local fees. The decision will be made by the members of the council

High inflation rates also mean Higher local fees Next year. This fee is based on the inflation rate for the first half of this year. It amounted to 11.8 percent. Maximum domestic shipping rates So they’re going to go up about 12 percent. will be the same Record increase in property tax, stall tax, or dog tax.

Communes will be able to demand a maximum fee for residential premises 0.11 PLN higher than this year. On the other hand, owners of premises intended for commercial activity should prepare for an increase of up to PLN 3.04 per square metre.

Pavilion and stall owners will pay more than PLN 100 extra in market fees. Dog breeders will pay an additional tax of up to PLN 16 on their pets. The maximum fee will be increased from 135 PLN to over 150 PLN.

It will also be more expensive in spas and cities with spa protection status – there The fee can be increased by a maximum of PLN 0.30 to PLN 0.60 per night of stay.

It must be remembered that the final amount of the fee will depend on the decisions of the counselors in the individual communities. It may charge lower taxes, but it may not charge higher taxes than those specified in the notice Ministry of Finance (Monitor Polsky of August 1, item 731).

Pleasure costs money. Higher excise tax and RTV subscription

It will also increase in the new year cigarette excise And it is not so little, because up to 10 percent. 5 percent alcohol. This means that for a bottle of vodka (500ml), the average price will increase from PLN 23.5 to PLN 24.4, and for a pack of cigarettes by PLN 0.42.

They are also waiting for us Increased subscription fees for radio or television. From January 1, 2023, the RTV subscription will increase to PLN 27.3 per month.

In turn, the annual rate without deductions will be PLN 327.6. The penalty for non-payment of participation will increase from PLN 735 to PLN 819.

up states. The penalty amount will be a deterrent

From January 2023 We will pay more for traffic fines. For example, for not giving way to pedestrians, the motorist will pay PLN 1.5 thousand. PLN, and for driving under the influence of alcohol or another substance with a similar effect – PLN 2.5 thousand. zlotys.

There will be a fine of 1000 for breaching the overtaking ban. A fine of PLN, and for crossing a stopped vehicle to allow pedestrians to pass – 1.5 thousand. zlotys.

They will also apply next year Higher rates of tax penalties and penalties. They depend on how much the minimum wage will be, and this will increase by leaps and bounds next year. And twice.

Thanks to this increase, the Tax Office will be able to impose a fine from PLN 349 to PLN 6,980 (in January-June 2023), and from July 2023 – when the minimum wage will rise to PLN 3.6. PLN per month – fines will be From PLN 360 to PLN 7200. They range from 1/10 to twice the minimum wage.

The scale of fines is set in a similar way, but the upper limit here is not twice the minimum wage, but 20 times the minimum wage. This means that In the second half of the year, the fine may amount to up to 72,000 PLN. zlotys. That’s more than 12,000 zlotys more than it is now.

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