June 5, 2023


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Tamara Archiuc posted a touching video. The son of the actress is now an adult

Tamara Archiewicz is a valuable Polish actress, whose role in the series “M jak miłość” or “Nanny” was the most popular. On the set of the series “Hello Hans” she met her current partner Bartomiej Kasprezhkovsky, with whom she has two children. The fruit of her previous relationship is Krzysztof Maksymilian, who turned 24 on April 18, 2023. The celebrity on her social media profile decided to share a touching video that references the life of her firstborn child.

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Tamara Arciuch shared a touching video. Netizens were impressed

A video appeared on Tamara Archiwich’s Instagram account, which was posted on the occasion of the 24th birthday of the actress’s son.

– concluded under the post.

Netizens did not hide their admiration for the son of Tamara Archych. Note that there is a great similarity between the son and the mother.

They hung up.

Son of Tamara Arciuch works in the media. He did not take advantage of his parents’ recognition

Christopher recently turned 24 years old. He works on radio stations every day. He hosts the radio show “Smells Like Toxic” on Active Radio online. He also has his own band where he is the drummer. The group is called MopS. Tamara’s son, Arsiuch, avoids publicity and does not use his parents’ recognition to gain popularity.

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