Talk to your future self. This helps you make better decisions.

Have you ever wondered What will it be like to talk to your future self, for example when you are in retirement? A team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) decided to make this option available to people participating in their research and used artificial intelligence (AI), and more specifically the famous GPT-3.5 model developed by OpenAI, to mimic nature. Sounding conversation.

The researchers asked the participants a series of questions about their lives, past experiences, and aspirations. then The system created a “user story,” which the study authors also called “artificial memory.”. For example, if a user wants to become a high school biology teacher, an AI chatbot from the future could narrate an “unforgettable moment” that takes students “on a field trip to a local nature preserve.”

Researchers from MIT used “future self-continuity,” a concept taken from behavioral science that states this People who feel a strong connection between their present and future selves are more likely to make decisions that enhance their long-term well-being – Financial, educational or health.

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