Switzerland tightens measures regarding vaccination of airline employees

Two doses of the vaccine must be taken by November 15, 2021 at the latest, and 14 days have passed since the second vaccination, specified in the release. The RND portal stated that an exception has been made for people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

Airlines provide mandatory vaccinations for crew

Airlines introduced mandatory vaccinations for cabin crew in August. Under this regulation, every worker must be fully vaccinated by December 1. The reason for the decision is that many countries require entry to individuals flying with a documented COVID-19 vaccine. More than half of Swiss workers have already been vaccinated.

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“Those who insistently refuse vaccination will likely have their employment contract terminated at the end of January 2022. Workers who need more time to think about it can leave their jobs for six months and are entitled to return.” – Reach the gate.

A Swiss spokesperson said: “Individual solutions are being sought for crew members who, for medical reasons, obviously cannot be vaccinated.”

The Swiss magazine “20min” quoted a pilot who wished to remain anonymous: “We do not wear masks in the cockpit and sit side by side at a distance of 50 cm. Whoever is not vaccinated is irresponsible.”

According to the Cabers Cabin Crew Association, Swiss decisions cannot be called into question, since the obligation to vaccinate is stipulated in the employment contract.

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