Switzerland is planning a revolution in transport!  The huge investment covers hundreds of kilometers of tunnels

Switzerland has announced that it is planning a huge investment called the Cargo Sous Terrain, which will completely revolutionize the transportation of goods. It is planned to build a 70-kilometer underground tunnel, in which autonomous vehicles will move to deliver goods to selected recipients. Eventually, up to 500 km of such tunnels will be built in the country. The first episode will run in 2031.

Cargo Weevil Terrain (CST) It is a Swiss project that involves the construction (eventually) of a network of underground tunnels with a total length of 500 km. It will be used to transport goods and will be operated by autonomous vehicles. According to the creators, the system will not emit any greenhouse gases.

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The first phase of the investment will be completed before 2031. As part of its construction, the first connected tunnel Zurich And the Harkengen / Niederpipe 70 km. There will be ten reload stations on its way.

Source: Cargo Sous Terrain / cst.ch / press material

CST in Switzerland It is primarily intended to deal with the transportation of goods of small size. The tunnels are 6 meters in diameter. Three transmission lines will run through their hub. Vehicles will not accelerate to incredible speeds – they will reach a maximum of 30 km / h.

Switzerland builds cargo tunnels. What will the transfer look like?

The vehicles will be loaded with goods at the ground logistics centers and then detonated in the tunnel system. Of the three transport lanes, two external lanes will be one-way, and the middle lane – dynamically controlled depending on the volume of traffic.

How much will this investment cost? Who will pay for it? The CST project is supervised by a private company of the same name. It is estimated that the construction of the first tunnel will cost 3 billion Swiss francs.

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At the moment, it seems that the investment will be fully funded by private funds since then The Swiss Federal Council refused to support. However, recent changes to regulations by the Swiss government will allow $100 million in seed funding to start investing.

Source: Cargo Sous Terrain / cst.ch / press material

Terrain sauce cargo It is a bold design that will have little impact on everyday life on the surface. The transportation of goods will be invisible to the eye, silent and ecological. Will the Swiss company’s plans come true? We’ll find out before 2031.

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