Switzerland.  A Russian diplomat suspected of planning an attack

A Russian diplomat is suspected of trying to buy weapons and dangerous materials in Switzerland, ahead of the start of a peace summit bringing together leaders from around the world. The media commented: “This is one of the most serious intelligence cases Switzerland has ever seen.”

The Swiss newspaper “Tages-Anzeiger” was the first to publish this case, citing sources in the Swiss security services. Russian diplomat He allegedly tried to obtain weapons and dangerous materials In several places in Switzerland. He was scheduled to visit, among other things, the shop of a German-speaking Swiss arms dealer, but he did not buy anything.

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At the newspaper’s request, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that an investigation is underway. “As part of the initial security measures, the Swiss Attorney General’s Office and Fedpol, together with the police forces of the cantons concerned, It conducted searches in several homes in different cantons” – he said in response.

Strange movements of a Russian diplomat in Switzerland. He covered himself with immunity

However, the embassy employee was not detained for this He benefited from diplomatic immunity. According to the newspaper’s findings, the Swiss Attorney General’s Office asked the FDFA to cancel it. “Such requests are rarely made, and only in the event of serious incidents,” explain the Swiss journalists.

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How the case will be pursued will be decided by Justice Minister Beata Jansa, who may want to consult the government in advance. Meanwhile, according to unofficial reports, the suspected diplomat has already fled the country. Two other people are suspected in the case – one of whom is accused of “Violation of the War Materials Act and the Embargo Act“.

The Tages-Anzeiger newspaper classifies this case as: One of the most serious intelligence cases Switzerland has ever seen. A Russian diplomat began acting suspiciously three weeks before the start of the peace conference in Ukraine. More than a hundred leaders attended the summit, including US Vice President Kamala Harris and presidents or heads of state of the European Union, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

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