Sweden.  Freezer failure caused millions of dollars in losses.  30 years of work wasted

Karolinska Institutet – a prestigious medical university in Stockholm – reported on Monday about the unfortunate freezer malfunction that had occurred Just before Christmas. It was the time when the equipment's cooling system failed that affected the extent of the losses.

Samples were stored In tanks cooled with liquid nitrogen, At a temperature of -190°C. Between 22 and 23 December, there was an interruption in the supply of liquid nitrogen to 16 cryogenic tanks. Although it could operate without additional liquid nitrogen for four days, it was kept at the wrong temperature for five days due to the holidays.

Sweden. Freezer failure at university. 30-year-old specimens were destroyed

As a result, samples from many different institutions were destroyed. “It happened at the worst moment you can imagine in Sweden, just one day before Christmas Eve,” he told AFP. Matti Sahlberg, Dean of Karolinska Institutet South Campus.

He added that the university had launched an internal investigation to clarify the causes of the accident. Although there were no signs of vandalism The university reported the matter to the police. “There is currently no indication that this was due to outside influence, but the police report was prepared to preserve all evidence,” Sahlberg said.

All samples were destroyed It was used in scientific research, and not in the ongoing care of patients. – These are materials that have been the subject of extensive research and are planned to be used in subsequent works. Most affected are leukemia scientists, who have been collecting samples from patients for 30 years – The university dean explained.

According to Agence France-Presse, citing local Swedish media, the estimated value of the missing samples was estimated It amounts to 500 million Swedish krona, which is about 190 million Polish zlotys. The Karolinka Institute is the headquarters and mission of the Nobel Assembly Selection of Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine.

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