Susan welcomed the NBA and made Spurs history.  27 minutes flashes and massacre

It was midway through the first quarter, and the San Antonio Spurs were back on the field after the break requested by coach Greg Popovich. Commenters just pointed out that he’s 19 and 150 days old Jeremy Suchan He became the youngest Tottenham player ever to break out of the top five. And soon after, it was the teenage rookie who jumped into the group at most after a missed throw from Trey Jones—it’s over. the ball From the air and scored his first points in the NBA.

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You could call it an important coincidence, it could be symbolic of basketball, but it should be noted that Suchan’s first NBA dream points fell after an act that he describes perfectly at this point in his career. He did not throw alone, he was reacting to the actions of his friend. He didn’t win the rebounding position, he just jumped higher than his opponent, taking the ball over his head. Having taken a split second to make a decision, he showed great intuition – he hit out of the air, without falling to the ground.

All Sushan. An energetic teenager full of enthusiasm and courage. The ninth number of this year’s draft, which Tottenham wants to bet on in the process of radical renewal and rebuilding the team. boy with no. 10 on the shirt and dyed it again, this time with purple hair, which will also spark associations with Dennis Rodman on the upcoming rebounds.

For him, the NBA clubs want to be the worst. This is an alien, not a unicorn

His start in the first half saw some positive moments, although at the same time it was very bitter. The weak, young and inexperienced team from San Antonio had been losing to the slightly higher-up Charlotte Hornets right from the start. Loss follows loss, square follows square. It was 47:68 until the end of the first half and although the hosts had a temporary break in the third quarter, they lost even more after 36 minutes – 75:98. Ends with 102: 129. And although it is only the first Game The season, there will obviously be no change – Tottenham will be at the bottom of the league.

Susan did not distinguish himself from his teammates with anything special, but at the same time he performed better than in the pre-season showdown, having an average of 4.4 points and 4.6 rebounds. This time, in two quarters, he collected four and seven in a row – the second time he hit the basket after a good cut towards the hoop and receiving a pass, after which he tried a hard dip. A foul was made, but the ball entered the basket anyway.

However, these were only glimpses, the remaining actions were not colorful. Sushan missed an extra free kick after a foul, and his three attempts hit the hoop as well. With the next two throws from the basket, the Polish actor was heavily blocked, and eventually did not catch the pass he had intended to finish with an air immersion. In total, he had 2/8 of the game – concerns that he might have had concerns about hitting the basket on a regular basis early in his NBA career were confirmed again. That is why after the first appearance it is the same as after sparring – pros for decisions, minuses for lack of results. And with each such statement – an asterisk with the note “The boy is only 19 years old.”

Defense, who should be his forte? Soshan’s typical versatility, overcoming competitors from every position, as well as courage, made no difference to the course of the match or individual actions. It happened several times that he faced Poland’s Terry Roser, the best player in the Hornets. He was close, but a well-established competitive thrower, a player with seven years of NBA experience, who hit the basket. – Sushan is a great defender, but Rosier is an experienced shooter, knows how to use space, how to use the body. Shaun Elliott, the former Tottenham Hotspur basketball player, who commented on the match, said he would win those duels for now.

He worked at the cemetery, and was a supplier for Uber Eats.  Now he will play for the Lakers. He worked at the cemetery, and was a supplier for Uber Eats. Now he will play for the Lakers. “I was unable to speak”

Incidentally, “for now” is an important part of this statement, which can be applied to virtually everything about Spurs. A temporary team that takes shape over the coming months and years, the lack of skills and experience of most basketball players who are in a stage of maturity, and finally Suchan himself, who has the potential to become a valuable player. But again – he’s only 19 years old, and he played one Game In the NBA there is a lot of work ahead.

On Wednesday, the Pole played a total of 27 minutes, and his full stats are as follows: four points, seven rebounds, two assists, two shots, two fouls. 2/8 in play, 0/1 free. Turning Numbers into Words: Played for a long time, it was sometimes quite versatile, but also ineffective. Visible in the first half, lost in the fog in the second half.

The next Tottenham game will be played tonight Friday Saturday Poland time – away from the Indiana Pacers.

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