Surprisingly, Willander is about Iga Christmas.  Break out of the tennis crowd

Two weeks ago, she defeated Iga Świątek Donna Vekić (WTA 71) 6:3, 3:6, 6:0 in the WTA Tour Final in San Diego. Since then, he has faced criticism from a large portion of the tennis community. Once again a Polish woman during one of the operations on the network performed the so-called romper Which is very controversial. For many, such behavior is unworthy of such a great star. The 21-year-old has already apologized for them. Now it’s backed by Eurosport expert Mats Wellander.

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New Iga Świątek. However, Djokovic and not Nadal? [ LIVE]

Wilander explains the behavior of Iga Świątek. “When you’re so driven, sometimes you don’t know what you’re doing”

According to Szwed, the tennis player should be allowed to remain untouched. I think today is part of existence Tennis player It is to make the most of yourself. I think what you design outside is really important because the other guys get to see what they’re seeing. – If I were a coach, would I try to get her to tone it down? Most likely yes, because other players can’t swallow it. But at the same time, we want you to be yourself and what will come out of you anyway.

The Eurosport expert defended the Polish woman, explaining that the athlete at his disposal does not always have complete control over his body. – Iga Christmas It’s powered and when you’re so driven you sometimes don’t know what you’re doing about your arms in the air or whatever, so I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

Swiatek, in turn, explained that the “doll” was a reaction to stress and that she did so unconsciously. It’s a stress reaction to what’s happening. It is an involuntary reaction. I did it during US Open I remember it was a rough moment. in San Diego I did it unconsciously – I explained. “I can’t control it, but I hope it won’t happen again,” she declared.

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Wilander also hypothesized that “jumping” could be part of the exercises she does while training, giving her the strength to keep going. Her motivation is to be a better player, and to make the most of herself every time she comes to the court. I bet he makes these gestures when he’s playing sports, not just when he’s playing in front of people for ranking points and titles and that’s the motivation he has in him – concluded the expert.

Mats Wheeler is a global legend Tennis. In the past, he has won seven Grand Slam tournaments in singles and once in doubles. In total, he has won 33 ATP tournaments. He ended his career in 1996. He later worked as a coach and is now a commentator and expert for Eurosport.

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