Surprising hypotheses of scientists about the beginning of the Piast dynasty.  Premiere of "From Popiel do Piast" on TVP Historia

Premiere of “From Popiel to Piast” Fot. TVP معلومات Information Center

On Sunday, TVB Historia will broadcast the documentary “From Popiel to Piast” directed by Zdzislaw Kozak, produced by the series “Secrets of Poland’s Beginnings”. The film presents the surprising hypotheses of scientists about the beginning of the Piast dynasty and their struggle with the Popielids.

On October 23, for the first time, TVP Historia will broadcast the documentary “From Popiel to Piast” directed by Zdzisław Cozac, produced in the series “Secrets of Poland’s Beginnings”.

Colorful performances with the participation of reconstruction groups and computer visualizations of the first castles recall the little-known pagan times preceding the baptism of Misko i Popilides.

Three ancestors of Misko I

Historians assume that the baptism of Mieszko I in 966 marked the beginning of the Polish state, but the Polish state was created earlier. The oldest known history tells of the three ancestors of Misko I. Does this mean that the history of Poland’s piast began three generations ago? The description of the beginnings of the dynasty that founded Poland was written about 120 years after the death of Misko I. His author did not sign his work, and historians call him an unknown Gallus. We know that he came to us from Hungary in the retinue of Boleslav Krzyusti, who commissioned him to write the history of the Piast dynasty.

The authors of the film tried to answer the following questions: How much truth about King Pobel in the legend, and how much in historical sources about Misko I? What actually happened at the time when the Slavic deities were worshiped hereWhere and when did Piast come to power?

Zdzisław Cozac (born in 1957) is the author of several historical documentaries, including previous parts of the “Secrets of Poland’s Beginnings” series, which includes 7 films, including: “(2018) and” Krzyż i crown “(2016). In 2016, Received the “Science Populariser” award organized by PAP Nauka and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.(PAP)

Author: Maciej Replewicz

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