December 9, 2022


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Surprising facts about vaccination.  Dangerously Small Dose Periods :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Surprising facts about vaccination. Dangerously Small Dose Periods :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Successive doses of Covid-19 vaccines are an important part of your pandemic strategy. Unfortunately, it turns out that taking the following doses too quickly may cause some risks … Marco Cavalieri of the European Medicines Agency reported the latest discovery.

What risks are we talking about?

This was noted by the Cavalieri Immunization Strategy Team Leader Repeating vaccinations at short intervals is not a wise methodas it exists High potential for social exhaustion. They can contribute to this Frequent stimulant doses. An expert from the European Medicines Agency suggests that Countries should consider increasing the intervals between doses of vaccines administered Against Covid-19. It is suggested that the summons be authorized Once a year at the beginning of winter. This would be a mechanism similar to that of dealing with the influenza virus.

Short Vaccine Intervals Vs. the health…

That was said by Marco Cavalieri Vaccines may be given every four months – instead of reinforcement – Creates a potential risk of weakening the immune system. Moreover, at the present time, There is no scientific evidence for this That it will be necessary to implement the fourth dose vaccination schedule against Covid-19. The specialist from the European Medicines Agency also mentioned that a number of additional tests should be carried out, which will confirm that it is necessary to develop a special immunization vaccine against the Omikron variant. so far, Preliminary research results confirm the effectiveness of current preparations against the new virus strain.

Vaccines vs. Omicron

Although the transmission amplitude of the Omikron variant appears to be higher (than in the case of the previous variants), studies in South Africa, the United Kingdom and some European Union countries indicate that the risk of hospitalization from Omikron infection is lower than the risk of Omikron infection. Delta variable infection
The European Medicines Agency announced

EMA experts document it Effectiveness of already developed vaccines in preventing symptoms of Covid-19, in the case of the Omikron mutation, declines Compared to other coronaviruses. Which does not change the fact that vaccinations prevent severe infection and hospitalization.

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