Surprising decision on the Golden Ball.  Major changes to the prestigious poll

Binding decisions have been made regarding the Ballon d’Or referendum. L’Equipe has unveiled a new arrangement to award the prestigious award that introduces many changes.

Despite the numerous controversies, the Ballon d’Or is still an acknowledged referendum. This competition is very popular not only among competitors, but also among enthusiastic fans of the final decisions.

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However, in recent years, the form of voting has been questioned more and more, which also allowed those who often openly admitted that they did not closely follow events in the world of football to make the decision. Now it was decided to change that.

According to L’Equipe, this year’s Ballon d’Or will be awarded under completely new rules. The changes concern not only the countries eligible to vote, but also the settlement of the World Cup in the context of the final results of the referendum.

Until now, the World Cup has been regularly included in the calendar year and voters have been expected to pay attention to the performance of individual players during the World Championship. However, it will be different in 2022 – the World Championships will not be held in Qatar until December, so decisions there will be counted for the referendum in 2023.

Subsequent changes apply to the entire period to be taken into account. So far, the Golden Ball has been awarded for the calendar year. Now, according to L’Equipe, only the score obtained by the players during the season will be voted on.

Moreover, some representatives of the different federations will be excluded from the vote. According to French media, only those countries whose national teams are in the top 100 teams in the FIFA rankings will decide to choose the best player in the world.

Finally, Actu Foot claims, individual achievement will be the primary criterion. Only then is the separation to look at the results achieved by the teams in which the outstanding players appear.

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