Surprise in Rzeszów, Developres beat favorites

Volleyball players at Developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów have started fighting for the Champions League semi-finals. Stefan Antiga’s players beat the Club World Champion – VakifBank Istanbul in their own hall. After the clearly defeated first match, the Rzeszów players rebuilt in the second, winning after the match in their favour, and the rivalry became even. In the end, the tiebreak was the deciding factor in the match. At it again, after a fierce battle, the volleyball players from Podkarpacie won and took the first step towards advancing to the LM semi-finals.

The meeting was better started by the inhabitants of Rzeszów, who after the attacks Anna Stencil He took the advance of two points (4: 2). On the other side of the net, it turns out to be effective Michael Barch Hackley The result quickly indicated a draw. after service gaby So the Turkish woman had two more networks (8:6). They increased this feature even more when it entered service Chiaka Ogbogo. So only a misunderstanding in the VakifBank team narrowed the distance between the two teams (12:8). But this state of affairs was short-lived, as the visitors played block and worked very safely (17:9). Especially that Gabi also added a service ace. The first edition ended with a certain victory for the Turkish national team, due to their good play on the net (25:13).

The second match started similarly to the first, because it was the Rzeszów players who had a two point lead (4:2). However, Bartsch-Hackley showed his wit, thanks to which the equalizer was quickly achieved. So Stencel had to flaunt his ace in service, so that the Developres were in a better position again (8:6). In addition, the cars attacked Isabelle Hack And players from Rzeszów can enjoy four points. However, she was instantly mistaken Kara Pajima The distance is reduced to only one network (11:10). Despite this, the Turkish women did not take the initiative, and after Gabi’s mistake in the attack returned their losses again (16:19). The home team didn’t avoid mistakes either, so they couldn’t maintain their edge at the end of the match. Thus began a fierce battle. Ultimately, it had to be determined by the advantage game, which was won by the Rzeszów players. This was decided by the Bartsch-Hackley Car Attack (27:29).

The beginning of the next group turned out to be equal. The penetration occurred only after the women’s attacks from Rzeszow (8:10). However, the Turkish woman did not avoid mistakes and was a tie again. This brought back the fighting point for point, which continued until Hack’s attack, which, according to the referees, was no longer properly defended by the Rzeszów players. Immediately after this decision, I sent the ball to the car Bruna Honorio, then the Developres lost three stitches (14:17). VakifBank maintained its advantage for a long time, and after serving Haak was able to increase it even more (22:18). The visitors took their chance and won in the next match after Honorio’s error (19:25).

Scene number four started with a two-point lead for the home team. However, Turkish women soon played the middle ground and brought them to equality. Rzeszów players had to be vigilant on the net to regain their supremacy (6:4). In addition, Honorio had a judicious attack, cementing the team from Rzeszów in the lead. This situation did not last long, as the Turks played the block, and after Pajima’s failed attack, there was a tie (10:10). The players from Rzeszów had to answer the same question in order to work out a safe position in the middle of the group (16:13). But the visitors did not intend to surrender, and after the attack of Gabi they lost only one eye. At the crucial stage of the group, the result showed a tie. This started a fierce battle that once again led to a game of interest. In her key moment Honorio showed a great performance and the Rzeszów players were on the verge of expanding the competition in the tiebreak. They resisted pressure in subsequent actions, and their victory was sealed with another ace – this time by Stencel (29:27).

At the beginning of the tiebreak there was a quarrel. However, Haak did not hold her hand and after her attack VakifBank led by two points (5:3). But the Turkish woman made a mistake by throwing and in the middle of the decisive match the result indicated a draw. But playing attentively with the home team put them in a better position (10:9). They stayed in the lead until the end and after Bagimi’s attack they can enjoy this important victory (15:13).

best player: Anna Stencil

Developres Bella Dolina Rzeszów – VakifBank Istanbul 3: 2
(13:25, 29:27, 19:25, 29:27, 15:13)

Team formations:
Developers: Honorio (14), Blagojevi (17), Stencel (17), Wenerska (1), Bajema (20), Jurczyk (4), Szczygłowska (Libero) and Polańska (1), Rapacz, Kalandadze, Bińczycka
VakifBank: Ozbay (2), Ogbogu (12), Gabi (26), Haak (31), Bartsch-Hackley (16), Gunes (10), Aykac (Libero) and Gulubay, Sinoglu, Bose

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