surely.  Michniewicz will sue Jadczak.  A lawyer reveals the details of the Polish team

We learned that Czeslaw Micniewicz will accuse Shimon Gadjak of defamation in June. The suit was then named “Private Initiative.” CoachWho did not consult with PZPN this decision. The issue caused much debate, and there were fears of an image crisis for the national team. Michniewicz finally decided to delay taking the case to court until after the World Championships.

Due to the fact that we are already a few days after the end of the World Cup in Qatar, we decided to check the development of the suit. We were able to contact coach Michniewicz’s attorney.

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Kwiatkowski Farewell to Michniewicz: We don’t want to go into detail

Michniewicz and the indictment against Jadczak

Dealing with the case Piotr Kruszyński asserted that, in his opinion, specific evidence had been obtained confirming Jadczak’s guilt for insulting Michniewicz.

– This will be an indictment in a private complaint case for insult. It is being prepared. It will be presented in January, I can vouch for that. We have clear evidence of insult. It’s not about defamation, in Mr. Gadjak’s opinion, because that’s his business. It is about using words that are generally considered offensive. I already have this with my coach. The fact that he is no longer chosen has no meaning in this matter, – the professor tells us. Piotr Kruszyński, lawyer of Czesław Miceniewicz.

Boniek commented on Michniewicz’s departure and hit the players. serious accusation

Professor’s office. Kruszyński and Jadczak W Absolutely They have not contacted each other since the end of June, i.e. from the moment Mechinewise announced that the journalist would be sued.

Jadczak revealed details of Michniewicz’s conversations with Forbrich

On June 20, in Wirtualna Polska, Szymon Jadczak published a comprehensive article titled “Czeslaw Michniewicz, Why Boznan? And set matches in the background. 27 hours Conversations with the Boss of the Football Mafia”. Analyze the conversations between Czeslaw Miceniewicz and Ryszard Vorbrich, alias “Fraser”, the boss of the football mafia and the main culprit of the corruption scandal. matches They spoke, and also reviewed case files containing phone records from 2003-2005. Jadczak recently received a statuette for Journalist of the Year from the prestigious “Press” magazine.

WCup France Poland Football ClubAn ideal candidate for the post of head coach of the Polish national team. “Definitely No. 1. No discussion here.”

– Simon Jadjak accuses coach Michniewicz of corruption and match manipulation without any evidence. Call records alone cannot prove a crime. Professor A. said. Kruszyński “fact”, announcing a lawsuit, which still has to wait.

Szymon Jadczak learned about the indictment from, but – he tells us – the two parties have not contacted each other yet.

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