The mayor of L’Ancian-Lorrett on Tuesday evening said he was “not impressed” by the Quebec Airport (YQB)’s transparency efforts, saying it should not seek further advice on the summer terrace project “La737”.

“They ask us for advice and they told us to share information with us. […] At present, I am not impressed, ”said Mayor Cayton Bejo during City Council.

It was in response to a question from a citizen who condemned the noise caused by gravity located at the airport site, near a residential area.

The mayor pointed out that he did not oppose the 737 initiative, but it is true that it was kept secret until he made a comment he did not appreciate.

“If we had consulted about this we would not have been against it, but I would have said [que ce serait mieux] Elsewhere, ”Mr Bejav said, adding that he was concerned about the impetus for further land development in the same area.

Contact channel

At the airport, we were informed that preparations were being made to upgrade the land with rental capacity to L’Ancienne-Lorette this spring. However, secrecy clauses prevented him from disclosing all the details.

Regarding its airport park plan, YQB has offered to deliver to the city as soon as city plans are ready, says spokeswoman Lorraine Lapierre. “We really want to keep the communication channel open.”

Danny Cognon, the promoter of 737, told the City Hall that he was “glad to know that only one citizen is complaining.”

“I mean, all of our efforts pay off. We make a lot of efforts to be good neighbors, without being disturbed. The music on the site isn’t really loud, and the shows end at 9:30 at night,” he replied.


In another file, the mayor of L’Ancienne-Lorette said he had requested an “emergency meeting with the people from Nov Canada”.

According to him, the municipality has detected dozens of complex thefts in recent weeks.

Connected Newspaper, A spokesman for Group Hood, the owner of the Complex Capitol helicopter, echoed the municipality’s fears, while stressing that there has been no significant increase in flights recently.

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