Summer festival and talk across the province this summer: “I love Quebecers and the culture here”

There are artists who claim to love Quebec, and then there is Doc, a true lover of La Belle province, who is touring this summer to sing his hits and has decided to spend his vacation at a summer festival.

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Since his opening act for Luke Combs at Plains of Abraham in 2022, Nicolas Durocher, aka Doc, has never missed an opportunity to come and meet his die-hard fans.

In the interview NewspaperOn Tuesday, near the Plains stage, the Ontario artist listed in his charming broken French the cities he’ll be performing in for his summer tour: Matane, Chicoutimi, Nicolet, Sherbrooke, Rouyn-Noranda, Rivière-du-Loup , Saint-Jérome and back to Quebec in September.

“Everybody’s been nice to me,” he said. It’s like being at a family celebration. Every time I do something here, I am amazed at how much the Quebecers have embraced me. They love everything I do and I love Quebecers and the culture here.

Kargwa’s genius

These are not empty words. In the evening, he will sing with Garqua, a group he recently discovered and loves, as he did last Thursday during the Nickelback concert.

“I was on a plane to Junos. I had a playlist of Quebec songs to make discoveries. Perfect on screen with. I’ve never heard anything like that. Then, I asked Don’t forget. I wish I had composed the music for these songs. I was jealous,” says Doc, who is also a fan of Trois Accords, Hey Babies and Sarah Dufour.

He loves Quebec so much that he plans to buy a cabin the day he can afford it. “North of Trois-Rivières, it’s called Shawinigan.”

3 out of 3

He says his love for Quebec is thanks to the summer festival where his career began.

“Before Quebec, I had never played to more than 400 people. I thought there would be 5,000 people in the plains in 2022. It was my biggest concert until 60,000 of them sang in front of 80,000 people last year. [avant Imagine Dragons].»

So he appeared three times on the plains in three years. A record, he likes to say. Will it return in 2025? “I want to take it to four or five and become unattainable.”

Something in particular

Programmer Louis Bellavance, a friend of Bach’s, recognizes that FEQ is critical. “You have to be very humble, but what’s happening for him in Canada and on the international stage, it starts here.”

When he faced the plains in 2022, he impressed everyone by singing his cover. ZyguzoneHe had only seven concerts in his body.

“Being Arnaud we gave him the most beautiful boxes to shine [Cormier, son adjoint] And I felt there was something special about him.

The rest is spoken legend.

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