Owners of sugar shacks that make their bread and butter by arranging weddings for a good part of the year find it difficult to digest the fact that the Legalt government is as slow to allow their doors to open as ever.

“We are not multinational companies that make billions of dollars. For them, we are like little soldiers, but we have a family to feed us,” said Valerie Lazoy, co-owner of Érablière Meunier in Richelieu, Montreux.

“Let him act for us.” We want to work. Says Philip Munier, her husband and co-owner of a fourth-generation maple syrup maker.

When visiting MagazineOn Monday, the parking lot was empty. Large rooms inside. This emptiness leaves them with a strange aftertaste.

In Quebec, the cabins run at full capacity during the sugar season in March and April, but they have to fill their weddings, receptions and banquets throughout the year.

Maximum 25 people

While restaurants are crowded with dozens of customers, beaches and camps across the country are crowded, with sugar shakers with rooms for 200, 500 and 1000 people screaming for famine.

“For us, this is annoying. We have 25 people entitled. We watch the playoffs with thousands of people crowded above each other. Is there anything we missed?” Phil asks Phil Muneer aloud.

At a distance of 80 km, on the edge of Laurentians and Lanadier, on the Saint-Anne-des-Plains, in Cabane ேன் Sucre D’Amorse, we have to put an end to weddings, which is 50% of sales.

Marilyn Coutier.  D'Amors is the owner of Sugar Shake

Photo courtesy

Marilyn Coutier. D’Amorse is the owner of Sugar Shake

“A client called me to tell me he was going to have his wedding at a restaurant with more than 200 people because I was limited to 25 people,” sighed Marilyn Gautier, its owner.

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But what annoys entrepreneurs to the highest point is the opening of borders scheduled for August 9th.

For her, it was more. The tablet does not pass.

“We are prevented from working in our own country, while we are going to reopen borders to foreigners,” Marilyn Gautier notes.

“It simply came to our notice then. Something is wrong. We believe we are open, but we are still closed, ”he scolds.

“We have 60,000 people in this area. We invite DJs and pastry chefs next year, and many have already transformed themselves, ”he concludes.

According to the makers and producers of Quebec’s Maple Syrup (PPAQ), by 2021, more than 133 million pounds of maple syrup had been produced, much less than the previous two years.

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