Successful Ukrainian attacks on strategic bridges.  The Russians themselves admit it: their supplies have been cut off

The Russian propaganda media no longer hides that the forces of the invaders will have to face increasing difficulties in occupied Kherson in southern Ukraine; The Russians themselves admit that they are almost detached from their supply sources there, the Ukrainian State Center for Strategic Communications reported Thursday.

Appeared on Russian military channels on Telegram Reports of attacks both on the Darzhevsky Bridge on the Ingolik River, as well as crossings across the Dnieper near Kherson (Antonovsky Bridge) and in Noa Kachovka.

“(The Russians) themselves admit that >> the problem of the actions of the Ukrainian forces trying to cut off (the Russians) from supplies (supplies) has not been resolved <<"

– We read in a statement issued by the Ukrainian Center for Strategic Communications.

The bombing of the Antonovsky Bridge not only severed the logistical security of the occupiers, but also had a significant psychological impact.. The United Russia party (the ruling party in Russia) was the first to flee from Chersonia, explaining that it could no longer carry out “humanitarian operations” there, the Center for Strategic Communications announced.

As declared in the latest announcement issued by the American Institute for Research of War (ISW), Ukrainian forces attacked the Antonov Bridge near Kherson for the third time in 10 days on Wednesday and may no longer be usable.. On Monday, the Institute of Military Affairs announced that the Ukrainians also damaged the two remaining bridges leading to Kherson, which could make it difficult for invaders to deliver military equipment to the city.

“Control of the Dnieper crossings is likely to become a major factor in the outcome of the fighting in the Kherson region,” the British Ministry of Defense assessed on 20 July.

The city of Kherson and almost the entire Kherson Territory have been under Russian occupation since the beginning of March. From April, the Ukrainian authorities and the media reported that preparations for the so-called referendum on the accession of these regions to Russia or the creation of the so-called Kherson People’s Republic. On May 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree establishing a simplified procedure for granting Russian citizenship to residents of the occupied territories of Kherson and Zaporizhia states. On July 11, this law was extended to all Ukrainian citizens.

On June 20, the head of the Kherson state authorities, Henady Shahuta, loyal to Kiev, announced that about 450-500 thousand people remained in the enemy-occupied areas in this part of the country. People.

Source:, PAP

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