Success of young Polish footballers.  We managed to defeat the Germans

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Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

A trial match between Polish and German under-16 football teams was held in Krotozyn, and the Whites and Reds turned out to be the better team and won 2:1.

This is the first of two planned sparring matches between the Poles and the Germans. The opening was for Dariusz Gęsior players.

The start could have been a dream – already in the eleventh minute, the Poles had a great opportunity to open the score. Then Sami Dudek put the ball on the eleventh metre.

Unfortunately, our player’s shot was blocked by Leonard Rowland. This time the German goalkeeper did not have to take the ball out of the net yet, but in the 33rd minute the Poles achieved their goal.

Stanislav Kubiak made the most of his opportunity, sending in a smart cross and hitting a powerful shot.

Seven minutes later, Michal Osowski increased the lead. After changing sides, the Germans began to attack, scored a goal, but were unable to make up for all the losses.

The return match will be held on Monday, October 16, in Jarocin. Starts at 11:00.

Poland U16 – Germany U16 2:1 (2:0)

1:0 – Stanislav Kubiak 33′
2:0 – Michal Osowski 40′
2:1 – Salvatore Mule 56′

Poland: Jakub Zielinski – Jakub Valkiewicz, Mateusz Ceglinski, Hubert Kedzura, Stanislaw Kubiak (46, Wojciech Machura), Maciej Ruszkiewicz (46, Maximilian Joswiak), Sami Dudek (90, Bartosz Pieczka), Mikhail Ossowski (46, Pascal Mosje), Yedder . Zej Hanuszczak (61, 20. Jakub Berrett), Antoni Ochronski (69, Gracian Czabniewski) – Olivier Siniawski.

Germany: Leonard Roland – Neby Cirac Dominic, Leopold Schmid (78, Emil Kramer), Ben Hoygorst – Muriel Gobbo, Finn Barkowski (46, Luke Holzwarth), Christian Brenay (61, Iba Bekir Es), Jeremiah Mensah (78, Alexander Staff) , Ayman Legrisi – Salvatore Mule, Johan Ngachew (46 years old, Noah Birkenbisch).

Yellow cards: Hanuszczak, Osronski, Joswiak-Domnik, Haugehorst.

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