December 1, 2022


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Stunning views of Mars in the latest movie

Stunning views of Mars in the latest movie

red planet We have been extensively exploring the use of wheeled robots for nearly 20 years. Despite this fact, we still know less about this close world than we would like. Once upon a time, there were ideal conditions for life to flourish as we know it from our planet.

Mars is a barren desert right now, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have stunning views. The best evidence that this planet’s terrain is so diverse can be the latest images taken by NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

High-resolution photos are taken from the machine that bears the name Highrise. On the posted video material, scientists from the investigation mission process demonstrated Tempe TerraAn elevated, cratered region at the tip of the volcanic province of Tharses in the northern hemisphere of Mars.

The area also contains many small areas Shield volcanoes, lava flows and other volcanic structures. There are whole networks of hills out there. They are very regular in length and width. It also appears that these bumps are associated with a particular layer. The layer above the bumps is darker in shade and many of the bumps are attached to each other, some at nearly right angles.

The spines often look like straight pieces that intersect in a truss-like fashion. It is hundreds of meters long, tens of meters high, and several meters wide. It is believed that the impacts caused cracks in the surface which later acted as channels for water, for example. Fluid reinforced structures. over time The surrounding material is corrodedleaving behind hard bumps.

Scientists are very interested in this area. Because they cling Low Plains of ArcadiaWhere water ice may exist below the surface, these areas may become targets for manned expeditions and the construction of the first colonies in the future.

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