February 3, 2023


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Strong words for a former Groom soldier.  "I don't want a servant soldier."

Strong words for a former Groom soldier. “I don’t want a servant soldier.”

– I really argue when both politicians say that they want the good for Polish and Polish women, because Poles and Poles want something. But teachers and nurses are on strike, and doctors and miners are demanding something. So, aren’t they Polish? Maybe it’s the striking Poles, not the doctors, nurses, and teachers? – Follow Matyuchuk in “Onet Rano”.

– I look at our politicians quite critically. We do not have a political class in Poland that can take on the responsibility of being Minister of National Defense, Minister of Internal Affairs, or Coordinator of Special Services. He pointed out that these are usually historians and random people.

Matichok also commented Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. I am angry with our democracy and the inability of politicians to take responsibility. I’m totally honest. Politicians are good people in clean suits and white shirts. They write some laws of war and humanitarian law, and at the end of it all, there’s a soldier somewhere in the fight. Politicians cause wars, soldiers fight over them, and civilians die the most. This is what a conflict looks like, he said.

As he asserted, “there was no discussion in Poland of what the war had brought us, Poles.” Dozens of boys died and hundreds were injured, and the president thanked everyone, in welcoming the latest cohort. Come on, sorry – thank you? And what reflection? – Follow Matichok.

– This is not how I see our foreign policy. This is not how I see our soldiers being used in a conflict. And he concluded that a soldier is also a citizen, who is also an elector, and a thinking creature.

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