Strong storms in Poland.  Several centimeters of hail and heavy rain

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued warnings on Thursday first degree Against storms in almost all parts of the country and warnings Second degree In the western, southern and southeastern parts of Poland.

IMWM forecast Stock tradingIn some areas, it will be accompanied by heavy rain ranging from 20 mm to 35 mm and wind gusts reaching speeds of up to 80 km/hour. There may be local hail.

weather. Thunderstorms in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian province

During the day sStrong storm front Passed, among others by county Pomeranian Voivodeship, Kujawian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Opole Voivodeship and the eastern part of Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Today’s storms are accompanied by heavy rain. In some places, it rained so heavily that weather stations recorded 15 mm of rain in a few minutes.

The Kujawsko-Pomorskie Weather Forecast and Warning Center issued an announcement on Thursday at 15.18, which wrote, among other things: “About the rather serious situation in the northern and western parts of the province: Chełmno, Świecie, Pruszcz and the areas adjacent to the city of Bydgoszcz.”

He added that we have an example of the traversal here The so-called phenomenon of training stormsThat is, the passage of several storms in a certain area. “During the last hour, according to radar observations, there was an area with a strong reflectivity of up to 50-60 dB. It can be concluded that heavy rain and hail were possible. In addition, there is a possibility of flash floods and localized flooding and the services reported that “storms are not It is still moving from south to north with a slight deviation towards the west. Thunderstorms are still expected across the province in the following hours.”

In the Kuyavian-Pomeranian province approx 50 weather interventions – It was reported by the regional headquarters of the State Fire Service in Toruń at around 5 p.m. It was mainly related to pumping water as a result of heavy rain and hail. This applies to the following counties: Bydgoszcz, Chelmno and Szczyce. “No injuries!” – Posted on social media.

Storms over Poland. Grad in Chełmno

And indeed the population It’s bright They posted it on social media Effects of the storm With violent hailstorms hitting the city between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM

As reported by Polish Storm Hunters, an organization cooperating with IMWM, Big hail Resulting from a supercell storm passing through the area Chelmna In the Koyavian-Pomerania District. Residents Terespol Pomorski He reported a flooded crossing under the footbridge. The water reaches a height of up to half a passenger car.

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