Streets were flooded and trees fell.  Storms pass over Poland

Because of the storms in the Silesian province, firefighters were very busy – the winds there brought down trees and the rain led to floods. It was also dangerous in the Lodz region and Greater Poland.

Thunderstorms pass over Poland on Thursday. In some areas, an RCB alert and IMWM level 1 and 2 meteorological warnings are activated.

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Dangerous in Upper Silesia

The duty officer in the commander’s office also reported to the regional commander at around 4:30 p.m. Silesia In connection with the storms that passed over Poland, the services received 52 reports, most of them in the Kobuk region (33) and in the Czestochowa region (15).

In the Klobok area, reports mainly concern fallen trees and the removal of branches – such an incident occurred, for example, in the town of Truskolasie. In the Czestochowa area, these events mainly involve flooding of properties and basements. Part of the roof in Rzerzęczyce was damaged.

Deciduous trees in Truskolasie (Silesian province)Storm Monitor Network Reporting System User, Dawid0065

Floods in Greater Poland

Dangerous phenomena also occurred in Greater Poland. Material sent to TVN24 shows Kalisz streets where rainwater collected and cars rushed through.

Flooding in Kalisz after the stormMarek Radziszewski

Storm in Lodz

At Kontakt 24 we received recordings of the storm that hit Łódź around 4:30 p.m.

Storm in Lodz

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Main image source: Marek Radziszewski

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