Street Fighter 6 got a logo from Adobe Stock.  The cost of drawings is 259 PLN

Did Capcom prepare for Street Fighter 6? There is a discussion on the Internet about the lack of effective graphics symbolizing the new version of combat. It turns out that the product can use a stock image that anyone can buy – all you have to do is get a free PLN 259.

After many years of waiting, and properly handling the tension, yesterday the Japanese developer and publisher introduced Street Fighter 6. IP enthusiasts, whose ad made you interesting, still have to be patient, because so far we’ve only seen a few warriors, logos and more. Details about we’ll get the games during Summer Game Fest 2022.

However, some players note that this time Capcom is no longer a logo denoting previous versions.. Comments appeared automatically to compare graphics to NFT projects – Developers often use similar hexagons to position and capitalize on their project.

The truth could be sadder. The Japanese released a vague countdown last week to prepare for the generous news, but it’s possible that the studio didn’t fully consider the show.

The Street Fighter 6 logo is most likely inspired by a graphic from Adobe Stock, which users can try for free or get for PLN 259. Looking at the screenshot below, you can safely conclude that the graphic artist made only minor adjustments, changed the font width slightly, and moved The dash from the letter “F” and adding “6” to the whole.

It is possible that the producer and publisher will display a different logo, however, fans of this genre are already commenting on the actions of the developers. Logo Compared With previous Capcom designs – the logo is distinctly different from the standard.

Street Fighter Logos vs Street Fighter 6
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