November 29, 2022


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Strange thing "stuck" in the helicopter of Mars creativity

Strange thing “stuck” in the helicopter of Mars creativity

During flight 33 ingenuity helicopter Something strange happened. It was noticed in the footage a little fuzzy A piece of “foreign body” or foreign body debris (FOD). The recording comes from the Navcam navigation camera, which points perpendicular to the surface of the planet Mars.

Debris stuck to one leg of the helicopter. It was visible from the beginning of the recording to about half of the movie, when the FOD broke out and started falling on the roof Mars. Not all telemetry data from the trip indicate damage to the vehicle. Interestingly, in the recordings from the previous ice, first-level decay was not visible. The Helicopter of Creativity has already made its 33rd flight to Mars. He flew 10 meters high, and this took about a minute. The machine reached a speed of 4.75 m / s and traveled more than 111 meters.

Dexterity and perseverance engineers March 2020 They are currently working on determining the source of the remains. However, Internet users already have their opinion on this topic, some point to a piece of foil from a helicopter landing on Mars, others to a plastic bag, bottle or even … toilet paper.

FOD These are any misplaced items that could damage the device as a result of being there. First-level decay (FOD) can be all kinds of materials of artificial or natural origin, as well as sand, stones or even animals.

Earlier, the Perseverance team found a rover most likely on the Red Planet Piece of thermal blanketThat came from the rocket that was dropping the craft onto the surface of Mars. The equipment also spotted the remains of the parachute. The Creativity helicopter has traveled nearly 7,400 meters since the start of its mission. Designed for flights of up to 90 seconds. It is able to fly on its own, with minimal human “interference”. Commands are sent to the ship from land in time. Creativity made history with the first powered and controlled flight on an alien planet.

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