March 24, 2023


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"Stot": Patrick Labe, Stephen Rousseau and Genevieve Schmidt join Susan Clement

“Stot”: Patrick Labe, Stephen Rousseau and Genevieve Schmidt join Susan Clement

Daily News of ICI Tél ConditionIt will replace “District 31” and star Suzanne Clement, announcing the rest of the cast, which includes veteran actors Patrick Labbé, Stéphane Rousseau and Geneviève Schmidt.

Other cast members include Maxime Allard, Isabelle Blais, Normand D’Amour, Samantha Fins, Anglesh Major, Virginie Ranger-Bauregard, Ludivine Reding, Lou-Pascal Tremblay and Jean-Nicolas Verreault.

Condition Saint-Vincent Hospital in Montreal will be a playground where things happen 24 hours a day. Four friends work there and see each other in their personal lives: Emmanuel Saint-Sir (Suzanne Clément), head of the emergency department and paramedic, psychiatrist Philippe Dupéré (Patrick Labbé), general surgeon and paramedic Isabelle Granger (Geneviève Schmidt) ), As well as Beneficiary Assistant Eric Peron (Stéphane Rousseau).

Emmanuel suffers from the death of his wife Franுவாois, who died a year ago in “horrible circumstances”, according to the production. Emmanuel’s friends have also been affected by this disappearance.

Pascal Saint-Sir, Ludwine Redding and Samantha Finns are the directors of the Normand D’More Professional Services. Pascal Tremblay New Emergency Physician Jacob Forbert “Comes to Disrupt Emmanuel and Raise Old Demons”.

Many actors, with their circumstances, come to spice up the daily maneuvers.

Series by Mary-Andre Labe (Without meeting, Even) And Fabienne Larouche of Etios Productions and produced by Michel Trudeau and Guillaume Lespérance of A Média.

Condition It will air on ICI Télé from Monday to Thursday, September 12 at 7pm.

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