Stephen King exited this movie.  Many will be surprised

King Stephen Participate in a discussion started on Twitter by crime writer Lynwood Barclay, who admitted it “Dominion Jurassic World” It is the first movie he has come out with during a show in many years. In response, Stephen King wrote that he has only made one movie in his adult life: “transformers”. He also asked fans about the films that prompted them to take a similar move. Several surprising headlines appeared in the discussion.

King Stephen He willingly shares his discoveries in the field of cinema and literature on Twitter. Last year, he urged to watch a perfect horror movie “incarnation” Directed by James Wan, on another occasion he revealed the horror he considers the worst in the history of cinema (“Blood Feast” from 1963).

This time, the master of horror revealed the movie that he considered so bad that he could not stay in it until the end of the show. It turns out that the image that prompted him to do this was the 2007 blockbuster – “transformers” Directed by Michael Bay. There is no doubt that this is this particular movie, as attentive fans immediately asked him if he meant to act. Michael BayOr the animated version of “Transformers” from 1986, Stephen King confirmed he meant the 2007 movie.

your confession King Stephen A longer discussion began, and fans, encouraged by the writer, revealed which films made them leave the hall. Among the titles mentioned, there are surprisingly many films that are absolute classics: “The Godfather III”And the “The Thin Red Line” if Jacob’s Ladder.

One fan even admitted that the movie he came out with was recent Adaptation of Stephen King’s Book Series“Dark Tower” Starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey. The master of horror is also known for his critical attitude towards cinematic adaptations of his works – he did not even like the sect “shining” with Jack Nicholson. The author has repeatedly criticized Stanley Kubrick As for the movie, harsh references to the movie are also included in the book “Doctor Sleep,” a continuation of the Danny Torrence story.

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