Stefania will stand on her own two feet.  Scientists reconstruct the skeleton of a rhinoceros that lived in Poland

“Stefania from the Great Lake on the Highway” – you can read more about the project in the “Gazeta Wyborcza” at this address.

September 22 this year after Once Celebrating the eleventh world day Rhino. “There are only five species of these mammals on Earth, three of which are critically endangered. There were many species of rhinoceros. They also live in Poland today” – the website states from the University of Wroclaw. On the occasion of Rhino Day, scholars from this university shared an account of the current status of work on reconstruction Skeleton Stephanie.

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“At our facility, a scientific project is being carried out, dedicated to many aspects of the life of the fossil rhinoceros named Stefania, the remains of which we have discovered almost completely near Gorzow. Greater Poland. For now, we focus on assembling the rhino skull. Previously, it was believed that this species of rhinoceros feeds mainly on grass. It turns out that our Stefania Yes In the forests and also ate on the shoots. Another species, the woolly rhinoceros, eats leaves, for example ”- explained Krzysztof Stefaniak, Head of the Department of Paleobiology at the Faculty of Biological Sciences of the University of Wroclaw, in UW . website.

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Stefania Project. The skeleton of a rhinoceros “stands on its feet”. The sculptor helps with this

Scientists are now trying to “get Stefania afloat”. Adam Kotowski from the Department of Paleobiology at the University of Warsaw said that the bones Animal “After a very tedious and long process – it was finally cleaned, prepared and preserved.” “There were bones preserved in perfect condition, and there are also very delicate elements, such as the skull. Now we are trying to rebuild it. We invited an artist and a sculptor to collaborate with us who will help us fuse these elements together. The skull was very deformed and crushed ”- added Kotovsky. Scholars are supported in the reconstruction work by artist-sculptor Wojciech Iłenda.

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Why is Stefania so special?

as a professor. Krzysztof Stefaniak In an interview with the UW website, researchers initially thought Stefania’s skeleton was another remains of a woolly rhinoceros, but preliminary examination revealed it was “a representative of the fossil genus Stefanorinus.” Scientists have determined that Stefania, the female rhinoceros of the extinct species Stefanrinus Kirchbergensis, lived for more than 35 years. Her height was more than 1.8 m at the shoulders, the height of the rump was 1.6 m, and the length of her body was from 3 to 3.15 m – she said “Policy“.

The remains of a woolly rhinoceros are widespread, while Stefanorinus Kirschbergensis is extremely rare. Usually, only small traces are found – single bones or teeth. – Only the tenth skull of an animal of this species known to science was found in Gorzów. And the other skulls are not at all complete, and not all the rest accompany them. Our Stefania may be the most complete and best preserved skeleton of this rare species in the world – he told Gorzowska “Gazeta WiborczaAdam Kotovsky in 2016.

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Climate change caused the extinction of Stefania 40,000. Years ago, and the woolly rhinoceros – 10 thousand. years ago. a. Male Stefaniak in TVN 24It is difficult to determine if only climate change or human activity contributed to the extinction. – Today we cannot allow the few species of rhinoceros left in the world to go extinct. We have to save them – assured the world.

“Stefania from the Great Lake on the Highway” – you can read more about the project in the “Gazeta Wyborcza” at this address.

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