Status in PKP Cargo.  “I will say it briefly: there is crying and wailing.”

Yesterday, a meeting was held between employees and the Board of Directors of PKP Shipping Company. How were the conversations? We talk about this with Jan Majder, Head of Solidarity at PKP Cargo.

– I will tell you frankly, during the meeting with the Board of Directors nothing was agreed upon. This is because the Acting Chairman of PKP Cargo does not want to agree to anything and will do as he sees fit. Mujadar tells us: We did not reach any agreement yesterday.

Failure to provide work

Let us remind you: On May 27, the Board of Directors of PKP Cargo Adopted a decision on the implementation from June 1, 2024 of the so-called failure to perform work. As stated in Information Press Release The goal is to implement a recovery program that will preserve and rebuild the company’s position.

Failure to perform work will cover a maximum of 30%. Crew for 12 months. During this time, the employee will receive a 60% social benefit. The monthly cash equivalent, calculated as a remuneration for vacation leave, less the amount of contributions paid for it insurance.

– Introducing the solution in the form of the so-called failure to provide work is a difficult necessity at PKP CARGO SA – in the face of decline sales And the performance of transportation work, let’s be honest, the excess labor is currently visible to the naked eye. The most important aspect of so-called non-work is the fact that we maintain all functions. However, what happens in the second half of 2024 depends, among other things, on the measurable consequences of the so-called failure to provide work.– says Dr. Marcin Wojciudka, Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors of PKP Cargo.

In an interview with Gazeta Brauna, the “S” president indicates who is included in the above-mentioned measure. – It is said that these will not be people who are three years old or younger pensionssingle mothers raise children, and in the case of factory-working couples, only one person will be able to switch to this mode – a plurality.

PKP for shipping and meeting with staff

A meeting was held yesterday, May 29, with PKP Cargo employees. We talk about the course of this meeting with the president of “S,” who does not hide his disappointment.

The boss intends to fire people, and has not answered why this cannot be done on a rotational basis – for example, sending one employee after another for one month, thanks to which the costs will be distributed and the final effect in some form of savings will be achieved. Meanwhile, the president informed us during the meeting that he intends to dissolve the company’s collective labor agreement, says Mujader, Head of “S” at PKP Cargo.

We wonder what termination of the collective bargaining agreement means for employees. –The arrangement is like this constitution employee, where the employment relationship, principles of remuneration, working time, employer-employee obligations, occupational health and safety, social activities, etc. are indicated. In all civilized countries of Europe, employers have no problems concluding collective bargaining agreements, but here, for some reason, the trend is the opposite, he comments.

There was information in the media that unionists wanted a 10% cut. Salaries of all employees. But Mujadar denies this information.

Surprise and anger

The trade unionist does not hide his disappointment at the president’s unwillingness to enter into talks with the Solidarity Organization to resolve this dispute.

– father If we agreed that everyone would spend a month, two months, or a quarter without work and get 60 percent. reward, we can somehow come to terms with it and prepare for it appropriately. We have to submit our position by June 10. He explained that our response will be firm, and we do not agree to it, and we want other solutions.

In turn, PKP Cargo indicates in a press release that the company’s Board of Directors announced its readiness to undertake intensive work, in cooperation with social partners, to develop new wage regulations by December 31, 2024, which are scheduled to replace the current regulations. .

Taking into account the difficult financial situation of PKP CARGO SA resulting from the significant decline in rail transport, which led to a decline in revenues and the continued trend of their further reduction compared to the previous year, which is equivalent to the occurrence of periodic financial losses, difficulties and the limited tasks of the company, it is necessary Taking all possible measures to reduce costs, ensure the company’s financial stability, and protect jobs. We hope, for the sake of the future of the company and the employees, that the union will accept the proposal to dissolve the collective bargaining agreement and the Valentine’s Day Agreement with understanding, and in the coming days we will begin work on a new collective labor agreement. – Comments by Dr. Marcin Wojciudka.

Mass layoffs? You must have money for this

We ask Jan Mujader if the company is considering mass layoffs.

– In today’s meeting, the President said this clearly No layoffs are planned for the first half of 2024. I don’t know if he intended to do it later, he didn’t say so. We don’t know if he can do it because it includes severance pay. “You need money for this,” says our interlocutor.

Finally, ask about the mood in the company.

In short: there is crying and wailing. We know how much we earn – it’s usually just above the national minimum wage. For many people, choosing not to work is like a knife to the throat. I don’t know how these people will survive – Mujadar says.

Financial status of PKP Cargo

As we read on the PKP Cargo website, in the first quarter of 2024, the company was affected by a deep market downturn – consolidated revenue reached PLN 1,180.7 million, a 24.5% decrease year-on-year, and EBITDA amounted to PLN 122.4 million , that is, 65.9% lower on an annual basis. Earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation (EBIT) were negative and amounted to PLN 96.8 million. The net loss amounted to PLN 118.1 million.

The beginning of this year brought deeper declines in the industry, as a result of the ongoing recession in the industry. Reducing the production of goods that are important from the point of view of potential transportation for the PKP CARGO Group, such as coal or steel, has had a negative impact on the transportation portfolio, says Monika Starica, Acting Member of the Board of Directors for Finance at PKP. the goods.

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