Dozens of people were infected from all over Silesia. The scheme of work was the same each time. The guy took money from clients, started building in order to claim a huge subsidy after some time. He did so despite the provisions in the contract regarding price constancy.

– The house was supposed to cost 430,000, and he took 400. I once heard that I either pay an extra 80 thousand for it, or he will not finish this house. When I did not agree, they packed up overnight and left the construction site – says Alina Wisuka-Kolodzijczak, one of the affected parties.

The contractor apologized for the war

Podolnik explained the additional cost with the increase in material prices in connection with the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Investors donated material money earlier, and the company must finish construction before the outbreak of war and an increase in prices.

– I wanted to laugh when he said that. Another 70,000 cried because he says it is war. But I paid everything earlier, and my house should have been ready a long time ago, long before the outbreak of war – says one of the victims, Jacek Sanecznik.

When the client refused to pay the subsidy, the builder cut off communication, leaving him with no cash and a completed house. The team was leaving the construction site, and the owner of the company literally fell to the ground. He stopped answering phone calls, didn’t answer emails, the company headquarters is closed, the building itself is for sale.

“He was selling stale bread like fresh bread.”

– He’s a dodger, a complete dodger. I will say more – a crook. He knows how to talk, he will sell fresh stale bread. Only later he completely changed, he began to ignore everything, and it is impossible to contact him – explains Andrzej Grohs, another wronged party.

Video: “A country in a country”: He was supposed to build dream houses, he disappeared with money

And it also happened that the owner of the company collected advances to build a house and … did nothing. He did not even apply for a building permit and did not start any business. He never returned an advance of tens of thousands of zlotys. Likewise with building materials. He took the money and never bought it.

– We have received an invoice for the purchase of a heat pump. We converted 34 thousand zlotys. We never got a paid pump, and Mr. Thomass never waived a penny – says Bartosz Cordala.

A long court battle

Some victims have taken to court for compensation. I’ve waited several months now for the sessions to be scheduled. During this time, unfinished homes deteriorate and lose their value.

– Here everything is standing still and deteriorating, but I said to myself that no one would hit me on the head. As long as I’m alive, I won’t let her go. This man will be in the courtroom more than in his house – says Andrei.

The injured also informed the Public Prosecutor’s Office that the owner of a construction company might commit a crime.

More on this issue on Sunday, October 23 at 19:30 in the article written by Przemysław Šuda in the “State in the State” program in Polsat News.

Przemysław Siuda / arż / state in state

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