April 1, 2023


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STAT: Emmanuel will be out of the emergency room for a few days, and here’s why

Monday, in the trailer for the next episode STATEmmanuelle (Suzanne Clement) is seen asking Jacob (Lou-Pascal Tremblay) to replace her as head of the emergency department for a few days.

Why did she suddenly quit her job? The answer can be found in this week’s episode summary.

An emergency physician will be invited to give a presentation on emergency medicine at an international conference in Boston.

Absence of this will cause comments in the crowd. Also, Marc-Olivier (English Major) will be a little annoyed that Emmanuel replaced Jacob during his stay abroad.

Jeremy (Robin L’Hommeau) guards Emmanuel’s house, and many memories surface.

This is the first time Suzanne Clement has been absent in multiple episodes in a row.

Also this week STATIsabelle (Genevieve Schmidt) will tell Daniel (Bruno Marcel) what she experienced with Pascal (Normand d’Amour) and then the elderly will be admitted to the emergency room.

Let’s remember that Viewers were right in their predictions about what happened last Thursday.

Note that production STAT Flowers were thrown to writer Marie-Andre Labe, who recently reached a milestone. All the details are here.

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