Stars respond to the arrest of K. Beata.  "There is no place for forgiveness here, forgive me."

I heard Beata K. the accusations after evening On September 1, she left her BMW on the streets of Warsaw, carrying, Fact claims, up to two per mile of alcohol in her blood. This news quickly found its way onto the Internet, and they did not hide their indignation at the singer’s behavior Bajm fans, who even started removing songs sung by Beata K.. from your playlists. The singer has been silent for a long time about the arrest – but also did not testify in front of the police – however Thursday evening, she decided to speak up and make a statement using her Instagram. anyway Beata K assured me. She regrets what she did, This translation is not shared by everyone. In this group, they are still disappointed with the attitude of celebrities, and there are others Polish stars who indicated the situation in their social media.

We recommend: Beata K. issued a statement. “I regret with all my heart”

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Stars sharply about Beata K’s behavior: the warm-blooded two-in-a-thousand?

He was a celebrity who decided to comment on Beata’s downfall as Matilda Damicka. The artist, as usual, I created a meaningful drawing in which we can see the inscription “Opolej” – a reference to the festival in Opole.

Under the drawing Matilda Damekska Referred to the song hit Bajam titled “Lula Loa” and the part: “I killed him with all my strength.” The star, however, changed her words ‘I killed’ for ‘za (p/b) iła’. Graficzka also provided statistics on drunk Polish drivers.

Post a photo with Beata K. to promote his bio on his Instagram profile Andrei Saramonovich. Guysdor referred to the heading “Hot Blood”.

The post was commented on, among other things Alexandra Popowska.

“very sad…” – The actress wrote succinctly.

She also dedicated her entry to Beata K. Beata Sadowska. The journalist decided to enter longer.

There is no room for tolerance here, excuse me. You can fail, but you can also summon a taxi bubble. Or leave the car behind. Sweetheart, let’s interact. I used to take the keys from my colleagues myself. Were they happy? No, they were upset… but at least they didn’t hurt anyone. The leader of the band Bajm now faces up to two years in prison, ”- began Beata Sadowska.

The star added in her post:

Police confiscated Piata K’s driver’s license. The Public Prosecutor’s Office will soon investigate the star’s case. For drunk driving, the singer is threatened with imprisonment of up to two years.

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