Star Wars like the MCU?  Dave Filoni announces the meeting of the characters in his movie
events appeared in “return of the jedi”the last part of the original trilogy, A.I “The Force Awakens”, i.e. the opening episode of the trilogy of sequels, set years apart. Disney filled this time gap with live-action series from the universe star Wars. here they are “The Mandalorian”And “The Book of Boba Fett” And awaiting release Ahsoka And “The ship’s crew”. Their characters will meet in one of the films announced during this year’s Star Wars Celebration. He will be responsible for production Dave Filoni.

Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni at this year’s Star Wars Celebration

Dave Filoni on the new Star Wars movie

to Dave Filoniwho worked in recent years by “The Mandalorian”And “The Book of Boba Fett” And AhsokaThe movie will be her feature debut. He spoke about it while hosting Entertainment Weekly’s Dagobah Dispatch podcast.

We are in the right place – He said. I think there will be a lot of characters yelling, “I want to be in this movie!” And that’s what John and I are working on.

Dave Filoni associated with the university star Warswhen George Lucas He was entrusted with an animated series “clone wars”. before b Jon Favreau focus on “The Mandalorian” and other live-action series, he worked on subsequent cartoons – “the rebels” And “Resistance”.

both of them Dave FiloniWhat Jon Favreau Want to explore the universe star Wars. This is how they remember the beginnings of their infatuation:

If you grew up with the original movies, Return of the Jedi was the end – He said Filoni. But then the question always remained: what next? Years later came Episode VII, I was a kid at the time and never would have thought it would happen after all this time, but it made sense. In this way, a new opening was created.

When I was younger we didn’t have movies, but there were comics and books and stuff from the expanded universe and mythology He remembers Favreau. Of course, decisions have to be made to put it all together, but as far as we are concerned, I think there’s one thing we can all agree on: characters — especially very special ones — have to be story driven.

“The Mandalorian” on serial killers

We remind you of the episode of Serial Killers, where Łukasz Muszyński and Jakub Popielecki review the first episode of the third season “The Mandalorian”:

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