Star Wars: Helper It will be a series that takes place 100 years before the events of the movie Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace. The story aims to show a galaxy at the height of the High Republic era, when the Jedi were the strongest and the Sith had to be annihilated. Details of the plot of the new production are kept secret.

It was announced that he will play the main role Amandla Stenbergwhich is famous for such products as the hate you giveAnd the dark minds if hunger Games. Thus, reports are confirmed from December 2021, when her name first appeared in context Star Wars: Helper. The information was provided on the official Star Wars Twitter account.

According to reports in the series, for the first time in the representative version we will see the legendary Sith known from books and games. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It lists people like Darth Nihilus, Darth Malak, Darth Revan, and Darth Bane, the creator of the second base (there can be one master and one apprentice). Bane initiates a plan to destroy the Jedi which Emperor Palpatine ends.

Creator, screenwriter and fashion model Star Wars: Helper It’s Leslie Headlandrussian doll), which promises that no recognizable characters from previous movie stories will ever appear. Work on the set will begin in 2022. The date of the series’ premiere has not been set.

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