"Star Academy": The public still defends Jeremy

Nearly 400 people turned up for the sixth category at the MELS studio on Sunday evening. Star Academy, It especially welcomed La Chicane, Paul Doriche and the Belgian singer Angel. After a dazzling evening, Jeremy Blonde was again rescued by the public.

The academics have been waiting for it for a long time: Angel finally settles down for a thrilling number that starts with “Forget it all,” with three risk-risks a week. In the company of Audrey-Louise and Edward, he continued with “Solo” with Camellia and Crystal, before singing “Brooksells, J Time”. Julian had the opportunity to sing the song “Da Rain” as a duet. The number ended with the huge success of “Balance Dun Quoi” with Audrey-Lewis and Sarah-Mouth. A nice refreshing number.

Is under investigation

After the authors repeatedly pointed out his lack of accuracy during his evaluation, Sandrin focused mainly on his technique during the song “C’est Zéro” sung by Hebert Julie Massey. However, there was little life in her description, but Laura Fabian wanted to greet her. “You accepted the challenge and you sang well,” the director said.

Marley Dorian used her incredible qualities as a translator in Francis Cabrell’s “I Love You, I Love You, I Love You”. “Every time you sing, it’s like holding hands to discover new corners and new scents.

To defend his place during this third danger, Jeremy Blande decided to have fun singing “Footloos” with utterly insane energy. Gregory Charles praised his courage and ability to motivate the crowd.

“First, we must not forget that we are constantly learning. Second, interacting with an audience cannot be taught. Very good, no need to teach it, because you know how to do it, ”the music teacher concluded.


Academics paid a very good tribute to Renee Martell, who died last December. In the company of Isabelle Boulay, Paul Daraiche, Annie Blanchard and Guillaume Lafond, from “Liverpool” to “I’m going to London” to “C’est mon histoire” or “We love folk music.”


What a joy to hear La Chicane’s huge successes again! Boom Desjardins’ voice is as powerful and warm as ever. He took charge with the trio of “You Miss Me” (Jeremy, Edward and Julian), and later “Calvary” with Olivier. Boom and Sarah-Mouth performed a wonderful vocal duo with two powerful voices of Abidji. We also learned that the winner was Jean-Marc Kottur Star Academy In 2012, he became the new guitarist for La Sigen, with whom he will soon be touring.

The sweetness of poetry

Ingrid Saint-Pierre finally delivered a real poetic break at the end of the evening. He explained the wonderful version of “La Lumiere” with Marley, as well as a good moment in the duet song “Les Jolieres” with Olivier to finish on “Fissells” with Audrey-Louise and Julian.


For the second time since the start of the season, the public has chosen to save Jeremy Flande, who could not believe he is living in the moment. “It was a relief, and a great honor,” he said before congratulating the talents of colleagues at risk. The faculty chose to defend Marley Dorian, so he regained his place at the academy. Sandrin’s adventure at the academy is now over.

To stroma Star Academy

The singer will be on the set of Strome Variety D Star Academy, On March 27, to the delight of young academics and visitors. This is his only show on Canadian television.

Strome was a believer because he had already set fire to a gala Star Academy, In 2012, on the worldwide success of his previous album, Andrean A. Along with Mallet, he gave a frantic performance on “Allors on Dance” and took the time to talk to young people.

Ten years later, he returns with some of his new music, along with academics, to sing his best hits. Keep in mind that this will be a reunion for Mark Dubrequin, one of the guests at this 2012 gala.

The Belgian mega star has just been released Meeting, New album coming nine years after great success Square root. His new songs “Sande”, about essential workers during epidemics, or his depressing problems like “L’enfer” are already enjoying surprising success around the world.

The singer is currently preparing for a major world tour, which will take place from November 25 to 27 at the Bell Center in Montreal and on December 11 at the Videotron Center in Quebec City.

  • Sarah-Maude Desgagné, 23, Amos
  • Audrey-Louise Beausjour, 23, Brossard
  • Eloy Cummings, 16, Magdalen Islands
  • Camilla Jackie, 17, Sherbrook
  • Krystel Mongeau, 25, Sherbrooke
  • Julien Charbonneau, 23, Montreal
  • Edouard Lagace, 27, Cowansville
  • Olivier Bergeron, 20, Gedwick, NB

  • Jeremy Blonde, 25, Lewis

  • Marley Dorian, 26, Sherbrook

Of daily Star Academy Offered on TVA Monday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

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