Star Academy: Laura Fabian returns to Sarah-Mouth's fault in stroma count

On Sunday evening, Sarah-Mouth can be seen forgetting her words Composition With Stroma

But, behind the scenes, the singer mentioned that he had made a mistake, which upset one of the academics. So we have no idea what happened. More details here.

Laura Fabian showed an “i” during her autopsy.

First, Sarah-Mouth politely agrees: “ II forgot the lyrics “, Before marking:” I started singing stroma at the same time “.

Then the director speaks. ” I’m going to tell you a little story “.” With Stroma we were backstage, he was a little depressed because the biggest concern in his life was the lyrics. Also, it can happen to anyone.

She adds: ” If this happens to an artist, […] In a duet, the person who saw the ticket is responsible for getting the page back. You, at that time, trampled on the flowers that someone thought for you, you have no mind to take back the book. […] When that happens, we need to be a little faster on our skates.

Sarah-Mouth gives her view on the question: ” Starting with me did not bother me because I did it a lot of times in practice. It’s not so much. I can not explain it to you. Each time, it went so well and went live … […] In fact, it happened just as Yseult did. I take it very seriously. I’m a fan of stroma. Singing with him was the pride I got. I think I put too much pressure on myself.

Keep in mind that during the Sunday type show, there was a special request, which particularly affected Véronique Cloutier. Check out why here.

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