February 4, 2023


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Star Academy: Laura Fabian reacts to Patrick Broyle's mutation, which is hilarious

Star Academy: Laura Fabian reacts to Patrick Broyle’s mutation, which is hilarious

During her autopsy, Laura Fabian showed educators the popular part of Patrick Bruel dropping his microphone. More details about this error cause much to be talked about here.

The young singers, who were not on stage during the singer’s ordeal, laughed heartily at this fun moment. ” That’s what happened! We all heard it on our earphones One of them screams.

In the history of music, I think no one has ever come down as fast as Patrick Bruel tonight! “Laura Fabian smiled and nodded.

I think he is trying to change something. Between his pants and the microphone, he had to choose his pants “Says the director.” I think that’s what happened.

It will happen! It happens to everyone “, She adds.” It was nothing, but still, Mr. Congratulations on Bruel’s talent. Good! […] I couldn’t help but mention, it was so much fun “.

Jeremy, who was on stage with him at the time, said he smiled a lot when the latter stared at him. ” I had so much fun “, He says. In fact, it’s a delicious moment!

Matthew also gets some pretty harsh comments from the editor-in-chief. After showing the pictures Composition To Cain, she first asks him if he’s happy with him, and he answers yes, and she continues: ” Not me “.

She explains: I was very impressed with your start in Bruel, because you really understood some things and me when we went there, there are really precise errors.

How to say certain things to someone who has your skills and your number? We can not be complacent or complacent, but at the same time salute the work you have done. All nose work, you did. Then, you better Matthew, when you’re the best, still can not do without better.

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Larry spoke to us about the rigor of this year’s teachers’ comments.

The full autopsy of Laura Fabian can be found here.