Star Academy: Gregory Charles reacts to the internet for no good reason

This Sunday, the web sparked Gregory Charles’ reactions and comments on the performance of endangered academics.

First, his comment to Éloi did not go down well with the audience.

Eloy, obviously, he’s a guy with a lot of talent. I have never been a fan because of his lack of hard work “, He said. Mark Dupree responded subtly: He is 16 years old! “.

The singing teacher continued, ” But he started to work harder and harder, and it gives performance tonight. Cheer!

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Gregory Charles’ tears during Julian’s performance, among other things, disturbed many onlookers who saw a plot there.

The audience’s love for loi is so strong, no doubt about it!

The tears of the other teachers also made the fans of the show tick, they put on a little too much.

See some comments at the bottom of the article.

Remember that this Sunday we explain why Oliver is being kept away from others.

Update. Many viewers are delighted to see Eloy win the referendum for the third time because, according to them, it is a good “snap” for Gregory Charles.

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